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SS TF #2 : Ze Plan

Planning Stage for the Second Shadow Shard Task Force
When: Thursday evening, 6/8, 8pm Eastern til whenever. Wrap-up on Sunday, 6/11, at around 5pm eastern.
Where: Cascade Archipelago

  • Hang Testerman (BLASTer)
  • Kate Frost (conTROLLer)
  • Sam of Asgard (sharp, pointy things)
  • LeeBones (meat puppet)
  • Dave-Clone (hand-waver)
  • Amargiepha (A.F.R)
  • TeH Balnk
  • Teh Utehr Balnk

Anyone willing to help us filling Balnks (I’ve been on a lot of PuGs lately), comment below.

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