Chat with Kate (the dirty truth comes out)

me: hi 🙂
    writing big comments.
Kate: i saw some of ’em.
    My eyes glazed over…
me: Yep.
    Half of it is figuring out what I think, honestly.
Kate: but i think you’re a genius!
me: "He has to be smart — everything he says bores me to tears!"
Kate: heh
me: It all boils down to this: I want to be able to tell folks about a game in a way that doesn’t leave them expecting something they don’t get.
Kate: which is a good reason to sort all this out
me: "It’s a fucking cool ass Roleplaying game." means something so very different to each person that hears it.
    Me, versus you, versus Jay, versus Keeley, versus Margie, versus Dave… all very different images just popped into our heads.
    So better language needs to be used, so I dont’ have the worst possible thing happen: someone I care about comes away from the table disappointed and/or frustrated.
Kate: how noble!
me: Nope! 🙂
    I like being able to brag that I ran a kick ass game.
    I can’t do that if someone’s pouty. 🙂
    It’s really all about me
Kate: I see…


  1. He didn’t tell me he was going to post it until after I said it all! I’d have fixed my puncuation errors!

  2. “Fresh! Exciting! Kate’s innovative use of punctuation lends verisimilitude to an intriguing blog post!”
    (from the back cover)

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