In summation…

So… driving home after the Shab al-Hiri Roach game (which I still haven’t written about. :P), I had this simple thought: “there are indie-hippie-narr games that are more like traditional RPGs, and others that are much more ‘story-games’, and I really should be paying attention to which way a new game leans, so I can set expectations with people when I pitch one.”
And I posted my thoughts on that, and … yeah.
We wandered all over the map in that thread — different agendas that different RPGs have, blah blah blah — much more than I’d intended, but all really, I think, very cool and very useful and an excellent kind of common language or points of reference for talking about this stuff.
And best of all, I think it’s something that we developed ourselves (though tinted somewhat with the theory crap I’ve read before), and therefore just that much more relevant and valuable.
Good stuff. Really glad it happened.
Now then…

Let’s play some damn GAMES! 🙂


  1. It’s certainly easy to go overboard with such things, but only if it distracts from playing the game (resolved: the next time we play a game, we eschew game theory discussion until afterwards). Theological debates can be entertaining and even informative, but aren’t useful if you’re only debated and not doing good works.

  2. Love to…um, there’s a geographical challenge, and I lost my save versus high gas prices.

  3. Hey, if there’s anybody in CS that needs a ride…is MT down here?

  4. Yeah, I’m on the east side (near Powers/Palmer Park) right now. Work on the west side (near 8th & Cimarron.)

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