Gaming in review

From the last week or so.

I’ve been messing with the Rikti War Zone stuff, but my current contact has a timed mission I’m not in the mood to do, and the new contact there doesn’t want to talk to me until I’m 40.
So, having hit level 35, I organized and tanked a chunk of the Numina TF, but a server crash meant some members left the teamand we couldn’t finish Jurassik with just Lukacs and a badly-slotted blaster. (Though I did tank the thing for about ten minutes, no problem.) Dinged 36 during that, finally passing up Strategist, and would REALLY like to go back and run/finish that TF again.
TFs are a great way to get cool inventions, also. I like that.
Note: With Granite Armor, I can tank anything up to level 50 without a sidekicking. HOWEVER, I can’t actually hold aggro if I can’t HIT the guys I’m fighting, so sometimes I have to take the sidekicking for the benefit of the team. In numina, this meant fighting +4 purples instead of +7 purples.
Mister Brightside
Mister B and Lady Optimism have dinged about four and a half levels in two weeks. I respecced him around 16 to get him further along the Stamina tree and got him more armor at the cost of less attack — yeah, I’m building him like a tank, but being short one big attack doesn’t matter when 8 guys are pounding on me and I don’t die (Lady Optimism has both of the Thermal Armor powers now also, and that REALLY helps) — the rage bar builds so fast fighting that many mooks that I’m taking guys out with plain old “Brawl”, and with Stamina all taken care of (as well as four powers slotted with Invention Sets that improve his Recovery Rate), plus a new business suit and the “Salesman” badge, I’m all set to pick up a ton of new attacks in the upcoming levels.
Stamina, even one-slotted, plus the Inventions I’ve slotted, changed the gameplay — I went from needing a rest after every fight to… well… NEVER needing to rest.
Need to put a few screenshots of Mister B and Lady O up here. We’ve moved into Sharkhead now and are rolling through missions exactly the way I’d expect a Brute/Corrupter duo to.
Grezzk is level 67 now. I’ve finally got to run the first of the Outland dungeons and really, REALLY enjoyed it. For Grezzk, there’s nothing better than killing orcs corrupted by demonkind, and at the end, we got to fight a DRAGON.
… That said, the dragon died SO FAST that it was almost anticlimatic. Grezzk and Tusker ruled the damage output reports, and the tank complimented the Pig on being “a good off-tank”, which basically means that I am, since I’m sending the pig around to pick up aggro from the mobs that get away from him…
… which maintaining constant shot rotation
… and trapping another mob in an ice trap to keep them busy
… and topping the damage charts (as a combined pet/hunter unit).
Afterwards, the guy running the group told me “a good hunter is just one who doesn’t get in everyone’s way, so you’re a great hunter — probably the best I’ve played with.”
That made me feel good. Really really good, actually. I like it when I’m playing well enough that strangers notice.
Plus, I got a really really good set of gauntlets off of the second boss fight. 🙂
Crazy schedules the last couple weeks have meant not a lot of gaming. We did get a chance to run Primetime Adventures on Sunday, but that was because I canceled the Spirit of the Century game due to being tired and having a headache.
For some reason I thought I could still run some other game, despite those same things being a factor.
My instinct was to suggesting playing Settlers of Catan instead, and I think I should have done that, because we didn’t finish the episode up, which I’m trying to do every time we play, and we just didn’t get much done.
Anyway, still a fun time. I like that game a lot, and it was good to get back to the table after a few weeks away — HUGE improvement over not-so-very long ago when 3-month lapses were more the norm.

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  1. Lady Optimism picked up the Saleswoman badge herself, so that can do with her new business suit, too!

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