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The Human Side of WAR — this is an easy to ready two-page interview, and I recommend it. Lots of great quotes, and exciting descriptions of the ‘living world’ they’re working on with Warhammer Online, but this is the one that got me:

WoW is The Beatles, who changed music forever. You can’t be the Beatles; they already exist. You can’t copy them. If you try, you become The Monkees. You’ve got no chance. We’re not The Beatles. We’re Led Zeppelin.

Having played a lot of Warhammer back in college, both on battlemats and as an RPG, that stuff got me excited. That’s always been Warhammer — heavy metal.
Heavy, sharp, slightly rusted metal.
Check out the trailer at their website ( See if the orc and the catapult make you laugh. If so, this might be your kinda game.
((If WoW = the Beatles, what’s CoH? Shinier, with a smaller, much more niche-oriented fanbase, and more system resource requirements… I’m going to say something like the Cure. 🙂

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I like this comment also:
Many video games are “fire-and-forget.” You build them, you ship them off, and you forget about them. “We want this game to be a hobby,” he said. For many, a hobby builds skill, commitment, and imagination. “A good hobby does those things and our hobby [gaming] does that in spades.”

Hmm. A strong emphasis on costume changes, weird stories involving aliens, fluffy or heavy by turns, and changes in artistic direction that sometimes alienate longtime fans?
CoH/V is David Bowie, man.

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