Finding the fun in Star Wars again

Jeffs Gameblog: Episode IV: What we know, what we don’t know.

Some good thinking on the original Star Wars movie.

“Maybe there is no Jedi Order.  Maybe Jedi Knights are exactly like medieval knights: a warrior class sworn to various lords.  Obi-Wan as a vassal of Leia’s father?  Maybe Jedi had a wide range of allegiances, agendas and abilties.  Their martial training and religious devotion to the Force may be the only threads that unify them.”

Comment from S. John Ross:

My childhood image of the clone wars was a war that had been artificially extended by cloning on both (or all) sides … a war that should have burned itself out in a few years, but that dragged on for generations, instead.

So, there wasn’t a good-guy clone army and there wasn’t a bad-guy clone army. There wasn’t even, specifically, a clone army on any side at all … just a war extended by filling the ranks with clones wherever needed to keep the meat-grinder grinding.

Speaking of that, I remember some fun supposing that I got into with a friend of mine before one of our Amber games back in 1996.

We sat around a table at Red Robin and worked out how the current Obi-wan was actually a clone. During the Clone Wars Ben Kenobi (who was closely allied with Organa) was brought down by a half dozen or so clones of himself). He rescued his Lord (Organa) and killed most of the clones, but one of them — the main one: OB-1 — survived and replaced him. After the Wars were done, with no other imperative to pursue, the clone just retired under the assumed persona.

Also, there’s a good post over here about “jedi robes,”

Finally, check out this post for the prologue of Alan Dean Foster’s novelization of the original movie.

“They were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Naturally they became heroes.”
— Leia Organa of Alderaan, Senator

Where am I going with this? Maybe nowhere except a happy place in 1978.