Life in a Wormhole: Proud Mary #eveonline

We’ve left our jobs in the cities and trade hubs of known space and returned to the wild river of Anoikis. Shan and Em are busying themselves with setting up planetary colonies (after convincing me to set the tax rates on the customs offices high enough to ‘pay off’ my investment in the system as quickly as possible). Meanwhile, Bre is moving most of her main ships into the tower, since she’s decided to stay here rather than travel up to the class six wormhole (where the system effects seriously cripple most of the ships she flies most often). I’ll be glad to have at least one veteran permanently active in our little home in the Space Hamptons, though I suspect there may be a few more as time goes on.

Other ships are coming in as well; even those pilots heading to the c6 are leaving one or two pointy ships for system defense and impromptu system pruning (which the c2 needs quite badly).

It’s good that we do, because we decide to wrap up a day of setting up colonies with some sleeper shooting, netting all our pilots 50 or 60 million isk each for an hours work. All in all a fine way to christen our new summer cabin.


  1. I am so jealous of you guys – my corp’s leadership is just sitting on a similarly-awesome Wolf-Rayet system, and I’m really, really wanting to move into it, if only for the tasty PI.

    That said, the C2 we currently live in is pretty decent for PI as it is – I make about 12 million every four days or so, depending on the fluctuations of second-tier PI goods.

  2. I live in a C2 with very nice statics and near perfect PI planets as well. Much isk to be made. Though I must say the thought of running C6 sites in an assault ship makes something inside of me giggle furiously. That does sound pretty fun.

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