HQ Rules analysis

Really great Heroquest Probabilities Question that then wanders off into the question of ‘is it better to spend 10 Hero Points to raise a skill by ten, or keep them to give you on the boosts.

The Family Dynamic

I keep thinking about doing a “super-family” Supergroup for CoH, along the lines of The First Family from Astro City… multiple generations… uncles, aunts… the people married to family members, the kids. All that lot. I’d really like to do something like this, following the same basic practices that seem to be working so darn […]

CoH summary

Due to messing around with retro costumes during my free time last week (ha!), I actually had pretty much everyone logged in at some point, recently. Let’s review: Hang Time (50) Planned on doing stuff with him yesterday. Didn’t quite happen. Hyperthermian (50) Working through an old Carnie arc with him — pretty much a […]

Reading the Encyclopedia

You know what I’d like to do? I’d like to make up a really rough sketch background against which to play around of Lexicon. “The Wose War and Scandal of Eddings Barony”, “The Atomic Apotheosis”, “The Parliamentary Assassination of 2128” Get a group of people together and just… you know. Go to town. Then, when […]

Dress your Age

For those of you who are logging into CoH for the Golden/Silver Age party on Friday, allow me to provide linkage to a nice Guide to Golden and Silver Age Costumes 1) Be bold, not subtle. Bright, primary colors. Texture is also key. Silver Age is characterized by matte-tone “streamlining” with the advent of new […]

Double-plus geek

If you’re interested in staying up to date on the Game Calendar for Casa/Consortium events, and you use some kind of RSS feed-reader, point it at this address: http://www.google.com/calendar/feeds/et03k4fcfececqbbiugjsgpqbk@group.calendar.google.com/public/basic And you’ll see everything going on.

Week in review

Let’s see: since last CoH post, I’ve made up a LOT of new guys — sort of playing around to see what I like. … Bear Claws (level… 19 new) got a new toy added onto his claw-gloves from the dudes in the lab that he temps at as a test subject; this new thing […]

Too damn funny

Via Dave: Southpark Amber trumps. It’s kinda true, as a few people have said, that there’s nothing new under the sun to do with the Amber setting (after ‘only’ 20 years of rabid player-creation/mutilation of the setting), but sometimes I really. really. really. Miss that game.

Week in review.

Let’s see: since last CoH post… … Markov (level 21ish) ran into Catelyn (spelling? I think that’s right), the younger sister of his old buddy from Eastgate High School. She’s all grown up now and working as a Hero in Paragon. What did he do? He lied and let her think he was some kind […]

Week or so in review

Last Wednesday, had a great, unexpectedly great, time on Victory server. Good stuff. Friday: Firefly game, using Heroquest rules. Set up and rules are here. Good time, if a slow start. Saturday: Spring Fountain Heroquest game. Thought it might be the big finale, but we got started late and didn’t get as far as I […]

Week in review

Right. Gaming. Haven’t had any of that. Lesse… Umm… Other No FtF gaming, but Firefly (using Heroquest) is this Friday evening, and Spring Fountain is on Saturday evening, so that’s good. COH I got the Ectoplasmic Badge with Epitaph… then ran the first Respec Trial with him. Decent XP. Already had that respec done, though, […]

Week in Review

CoH: Messed around with a couple lower-level characters — notably Bear Claws (who I think still has (annoyingly) the hero-side of the Valentine’s missions to finish… so I need a villain to help me out there. Got Toothbreaker with Keth and Myca, but not on Bear. Got… Handsome on… Pummelcite… and Beautiful for Gilly (both […]

Random Updates

Blowing the dust (just dust, not Dust) off of the Game Calendar, since we’ve got stuff going on a bit more regularly in the near future. Things to do: Figure out a time to get together on character generation for the Sorcerer game. (Clicking Sands: Blood Simple) Figure out a time (weekly or bi, mid-week-ish) […]


Reminder to folks: Monday Munchies tonight. Same Munchie-time, same Munchie-channel. Mmm Pie has the Frosting-fire mission, and if folks are interested we have a couple ‘evil foods’ we can log on to do the v-day events. Hopefully, I won’t be late (again), due to this miserable deadline today.

<3-day Swag

So I want to get through the Valentine’s Day content with someof my toons. This requires pairing up with folks from both sides of the tracks, so here’s who I can bring to the party: CHAMPION GOODIES: Level 50 Damage Level 50 Tank Level 34 Scrapper Level 32 Not-a-squid Level 19 Tank Another level 19 […]