Mass Effect, Tolkien, and Your Bullshit Artistic Process

[The following was originally posted on my main blog, but as it’s gaming-related, I figured I’d put it over here as well.] Everything that follows is my opinion and, further, is infested with spoilers for both the Mass Effect series and, I suppose, The Lord of the Rings. Reader beware. In late February, I said […]

Thoughts/questions about the end of Mass Effect 1

Just a few quick thoughts/questions: Wow. Great ending. Epic. In the second-to-last fight (you vs. Saren, rather than you-versus-robot-Saren), is it typical to be able to talk your way out of the fight and convince the bad guy to shoot himself in the head rather than give in to the Big Evil?  I know (a) […]

In which I give in and talk about Mass Effect

Yeah yeah, I know: the game’s been out for two or three years — it’s old news. Well, not to me. A few weeks ago (after reinstalling my home system), I was redownloading games I’d bought through Steam, and I got a ‘suggestion’ (read: ad) to pick up Mass Effect 2, which is the current […]