LotRO: Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey

One of the more interesting bits in the Lord of the Rings Online MMO is the fact that the events within the game are taking place roughly within the timeframe of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I say “roughly”, because some of the stuff you experience happens well in the past. The ‘starter zone’ […]

Star Wars: The Old Republic — The Question of PvP

A few days ago, Fogsong wrote: Star Wars: The Old Republic. My LoTRO guild is debating whether to go with a Player vs Player (PvP) server or Player vs Environment (PvE) server. We are caught on the horns of dilemma – we want to be able to quest and experience the story but also [want […]

LotRO: Rise of Isengard Patch Notes – My thoughts.

My first thought: as a player with a lifetime subscription, the fact that the latest expansion abbreviates to “ROI” is just… amusing. Maybe you need to be exposed to marketing and management speak a lot to appreciate it, but yeah… funny. Anyway. Here’s the stuff in the patch notes that caught my eye. The caps […]

So You Want to Tank (Part 2)

You came back. Okay then. Let’s talk about the real challenges of playing a tank class. First thing: the challenge is not in the skills. The actual mechanics of playing a tank aren’t any more difficult than any other class; you can easily grok the basics. A successful tank, expressed in the most simple terms, […]

Cry of Vengeance can Bite Me (LotRO)

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Tanking Part 2 post to bitch about Cry of Vengeance. I’ve said this before in the CSTM Captain Roundtable, but it bears repeating: Cry of Vengeance is the #1 “looks great but is actually terrible” skill for Captains and, in my opinion, In the Game.[1] Here’s what it does: When […]

So You Want to Tank (Part 1) (LotRO)

First off, let me dissuade you. There are some necessities that come with taking on a tanking role, and they are not for the faint-hearted. Or sane. Or the responsibility-adverse. “What’s that you say about responsibility?” Let me explain. It started like this: Back in the black-and-green days of text-based MUDs, people tried to figure […]

So What can Two People do in a Moria six-man?

… pretty much anything they want. (Click for bigger.) A few notes: No, this wasn’t challenge mode. We certainly didn’t have the DPS for that. There’s a way to snag the devoted without doing the challenge if you’re super careful and moderately crazy. No one can tell me Overpower-mode guardian’s can’t tank six-mans. I mean… […]

What not-game am I not-playing, here?

Yesterday I was pondering a couple of recent gaming purchases I’ve made. Annalise. Diaspora. 3:16. Trail of Cthulu. Like that, you know: table top roleplaying games. And somewhere in my ruminations of same (thinking about what game I’d like to play and/or run next), my mind wandered, as it does, to other topics, one of […]

This weekend…

We painted our house, introduced Kaylee to classic musicals… And killed a friggin’ BALROG. If that picture doesn’t adequately convey the power of the Ancient Maiar compared to humble mortals… then I can’t help you. Rawr.  There was much shouting amongst our merry band of heroes. Next up: a giant turtle, nesting within the waterworks […]

LotRO – a set on Flickr

Kate and I have taken all the screenshots from the last two years of playing LotRO and put them up on the Flickr. With comments. It’s probably about as interesting as a slideshow of someone else’s vacation, but it makes us happy, so there. LotRO – a set on Flickr.

LotRO: They can rebuild it. Better, stronger, faster, and dude… way f@*#ing cooler.

As I mentioned on my other blog, Kate and I decided a week or so ago to try out some new characters in Lord of the Rings Online (our MMO of choice) so that we could explore the changes/improvements to the ’starter’ areas in the game. Kate likes playing elves (*shudder*) and I like me […]