Hello, Clarice

I’ve got some catching up to do… Monday Mashup #13: Silence of the Lambs I’m combining this with Nobilis. Lecter is a captured excrucian, gone from cannibal to destroyer-of-bits-of-creation. Because he has been captured by the PC’s and they have no proof that he’s actually done any harm, they’re stuck with either keeping him under […]

Changing the world

WISH 73: Player-Driven Shifts What’s the biggest PC-driven shift you’ve ever experienced in a campaign? If you were a player, what made you feel like you could successfully change the GM’s world? If you were a GM, was this planned or something the PCs surprised you with? I’d probably have to give the golden screw […]

The life of the NPC

WISH 71: Unwritten NPCs For GMs : when you plan or play your NPCs, do you intentionally leave out some of the story for each? Do you hold something back and let the Players imagine the rest or do you present NPCs from the core of who they are? What I generally try to do […]


Halloween tomorrow night — some folks are coming over and I think I’ll run a one-shot for something or other. I’m concidering using (1) Genre Division’s Ghost Stories. Very cool game and nice easy rules to learn. Short version of the rules: Roll 2d6. Try to roll low. Let me know if you roll a […]

Updated shedule

Current schedule, through November Oct 25, Saturday: Chrysalis C (Presuming Dave and Margie can get away in the later afternoon.) Oct 27, Monday: Chrysalis A Oct 31, Friday: Halloween Nov 1, Saturday: Cry Havoc Nov 2, Sunday: OA Nov 3, Monday: OA Nov 7, Friday: DnD Nov 8, Saturday: Chrysalis C Nov 9, OA Nov […]

Sharing the burden

Perverse Access Memory: WISH 68: Multiple-GM Games Have you ever played in or GMed a game with more than one GM? What was your experience with it? What were the strengths and weaknesses of having multiple GMs? Was it positive or negative? Would you do it again? If you?ve never tried it as a GM […]

Book Sale

Okay, I’ve added more stuff to my “sell” list. The complete list of game books is below: [Normally I wouldn’t list the prices I’m asking, but some folks said they wanted first dibs, so if you’re reading this and you want something listed below, email me and I’ll take it off Amazon and send it […]


Arrowflight‘s magic system is… Well, it reminds me of something. I attempt to create a Wall of Earth spell from the Elementalist “Wall” template. To make it a literal wall, I have to add at least an Armor Value of 1. That adds 1 to the base difficulty of 2. But that’s only an AV […]

Stories in gaming

Perverse Access Memory: WISH 67: Storytelling How do you tell stories in your games? Are there character stories, overarching stories, and/or other kinds of stories? Could you tell a coherent story from games you’ve GMed or played in? Does it matter to you? Why or why not?

Weeknight relaxation.

Ran the ‘Chrysalis A’ group last night (the first time with the full group), and got things rolling with the patented “throw sixteen problems at them at once and let them sort that out… by the time they do, the group dynamic will have gelled.” One notable quote from the game last night that I […]

Kinda Cool

Grey Ghost Press is going to use the Fatigue Rules I wrote up for Fudge (and Swift) a few years ago — incorporating it as part of the magic system in their upcoming Deryni RPG. I’m pleased about this — I’m not a big Fudge-gamer (through I’ve picked at it off and on for years […]

Good grief

Just for reference, this is the game schedule for Casa del Testerman for the next two months. It is… not to put it too bluntly… fucking insane, due mostly to an effort to wrap up several long-running campaigns in the next two months.

Weekend review 3

Sunday: Finished up the second serial in Dave’s In Deo Confidemus :: Spycraft campaign in a blaze of gunfire (mostly not ours, surprise surprise) and a couple of fine moments for [self-centered] my own character[/self-centered], the most married man in the entire intelligence community, ever. (Crap, Dylan still needs to call his wife.)

Weekend review 2

Saturday: First half of the second session of the second story-arc in Nobilis (which of course would be designated Session 8C… don’t ask). Four players who have never gamed with each other as a gestalt (or, in some cases, at all), so I’m really still working on getting the group to gel and build some […]

Weekend review 1

Friday: DnD. Talked about what we might like to do as a sequel game with a smaller group of players. Beat the crap out of everyone (killed the party thief, in fact), for which they earned a measely 2k in xp. To get big xp at that level of power, you have to pull out […]