Not many. I’m writing a review for an online Gamer Magazine, on a d20 sourcebook. I’ll link to that that when it’s up. I purchased Spycraft for d20, which I hope to incorporate some ideas from into the Living Pulp endeavor. Star Wars this weekend, and I believe I owe this site an update on […]


WotC has released some new infor from the revised edition of the rulebook that coming out in a few months. I’ve ‘implemented’ a few of these changes on the Star Wars pages. Here’s the highlights: In the House Rules section, details on how Armor is going to work — it’s damage reduction now, doesn’t interfere […]

This just in…

Area Woman Finds Sith Icon in Pastebread Or not… still, a pretty fun read. Holonetnews is a good, immersive site. I like reading all the advertisements. Star Wars tonight. Should be interesting.

Session Nine, part one

After a miserable night of dealing with the sudden Senatorial name-chance, I’ve come to this conclusion: For the sake of my sanity, Bail Antilles and Bail Organa are now officially the same person in my campaign — Bail is the scion of BOTH the Organa and Antilles royal houses (Antilles is his paternal descent, Organa […]

Update — Timeline

I’ve added atimeline to the Prince of Alderaan game data. It should help people sort out what’s happening when in the greater scheme of things. Note to players: Here’s how to figure out your age: Step One: Check your current age. That’s how old you were for the Ando Prime mission. Step Two: Add two […]

Star Wars Update

Another (messy) update to the d20 Star Wars Campaign. Added more senatorial stuff and started working on pix for various NPCs that aren’t senators — the first of these is one “Nayda”, a vitrolic young girl that Dag was lucky enough to escort during a function at the Alderaanian Embassy.

Dirty Little Secrets

I don’t mind how many exp I give out in the DnD game, because I won’t miss this game when it’s over, and leveling people quickly gets me to the conclusion a bit sooner. I’ve got the end of the campaign predicted, based on current exp/session rates, and I’m looking forward to it. The most […]

Game tonight

DnD, takes place at the Consortium, since Dave’s out of town and Margie can’t find a sitter. It’s fine — not as though I haven’t GM’d there any number of times before. Between working on the Pulp Heroes page, the new updates to the Star Wars page, and figuring out how to convert the L5R […]


I’ve done some overhauling at the Padawan’s Cave, removing the star maps that I don’t find myself using at all, and getting together a house rules page. Quite a bit of the changes are happening in the Prince of Alderaan section, where I’ve added little snippets on some of the major NPCs and have started […]

Weekend plans

This Sunday, I’m coordinating my 2nd Gameday at Collectormania (which I’d provide a link to if I knew it). The first gameday was easy — very short notice, so not too many people showed up, and all I needed was to run the same scenario twice myself and go home. Piece of cake. People had […]

Session Seven

Star Wars Campaign Session seven was on Friday the 22nd, and I’m going to talk about that as well as a few notes on the prior sessions. First, let’s summarize. Session One was a rescue-in-space scenario where the characters (all members/servants of the Antilles household and currently stationed on Coruscant) are tasked by the Senator […]

Ghengis Con

Ghenghis Con was very cool for me last year, because it was my first real experience stepping back into mainstream gaming, something I hadn’t been a part of since starting the on campus gaming org in college that introduced me to most of my friends. Last year was a new experience for a lot of […]

Other Game Writing

Randy updates his blog with comments about the various games he playing or planning on running at Q.E.D. — Quinn Elicits Dismay. Interesting and fun stuff which contains Randy’s (unsurprising) answer to the question “Which game do I like better? Amber or Anything Else?)

Game Tonight

Session Seven? I need to put some GM logs up for the game, but nothing today. Need to get the house cleaned up and run errands. Robert and Dave G can’t make, so it’ll be… well, weird, not to put too fine a point on it. Update Actually, a couple people couldn’t make it, so […]

Game tonight

Session … not sure what number… sixth? The group just levelled up to 3rd. Rey can’t make it, so I think the scenario I was working on might have to wait a bit. Which means… NO idea what’s going on tonight. There is one possibility, I suppose. I’ll end up running Kashyyk (sp?) in Flames, […]

Game Tonight

Game tonight. I got Nothing. Addendum: Dave sent me something funny to cheer me up. Comments on the game and thoughts on the storyline: tonight I’m using a module out of Star Wars Gamer: “Welcome to the Jungle.” I don’t mind using packaged modules, and this one was interesting enough, once I got through the […]