Food for thought from Rey…

It’s not spoiler stuff — it’s just thinking out loud. Still, some might want to abstain.
Leia: “General Kenobi. Years ago, you served my father [here referring to Sen. Bail Antilles/Organa] in the Clone Wars…”
Which we knew already — it now makes sense that she refers to him as General, not “master”, since with only a handful of Jedi left by the time of the Clone Wars, his military rank would have been much more significant.
But here’s a tidbit:
Leia: “My mother died when I was very young…”
Leia, unlike Luke, has a few vague memories of her real mother (Luke doesn’t because he was hidden away with the Lars family on Tatooine.) We are given to believe that Leia’s memories are of her REAL mother.
Fact: Bail’s not married yet in Episode 2.
Fact: Leia refers to Bail as her father.
Fact: The mother that Leia refers to is presented as her true mother.
Conclusion: Bail marries Padme? (I figured he adopted Leia and that Padme didn’t factor into it, but this is much more interesting.)

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  1. So if Amadala marries Bail, then that makes him Luke’s stepdaddy too. Did Bail survive the destruction of Alderan? If so does that mean Luke can hit him up for credits later??? Kinda like the skill whine to daddy???
    Oh wait, guess that won’t work if the Alderan National Bank was destroyed too…….

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