“I got to kill the [insert spoiler here].”

We ran the slot 0 for part of the RPGA Living Force Almas trilogy last night.
Because she’s a backup GM for the gameday and because the author of the modules was GMing the slot 0 for us, the only way for Jackie to ‘get’ the module was to play it.
This meant I FINALLY got her into a Star Wars game.
And she liked it. 🙂 She was 3 levels lower than the average at the table, but we put together a character who was really good at a few things that Jackie personally likes her characters to be good at — good enough to match the higher level characters.
Good enough to drop the main bad guy when the other ‘shooters’ couldn’t hit, and tough enough to survive a really REALLY nasty “throat crush” thing.
And she liked it. I lucked out and her first Star Wars game was fun. Very cool.


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