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Okay, so I just picked up Nobilis a few weeks back, someone check me on this.
The Matrix is a Nobilis game
The Suits = Excrucians
Chancel = the practice contruct? Or possible Zion.
Mystic Earth = the Matrix
Prosaic Earth = starts out as the Matrix, til you take the red pill and then it’s the ‘real earth’? I’m a little shakey on the Nobilis terminology.
Neo is just the guy everyone’s been waiting for who got killer ranks in Spirit. (Everyone has good ranks in Realm and Domain, I think, since that’s just the program with the downside that none of it really works in the prosaic earth, but but the rest of it basically works.

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  1. Actually, the Matrix is the Prosaic Earth, and few humans can see the Mystic Earth of Ones and Zeros.
    The Chancel is the hovercraft & the Practice Construct — Convenient (to the Matrix) with a lot of tech that can be used in the Prosaic Earth.
    The Spirit Realm is not currently a relevant metaphor, unless it’s the Scorched Earth… that’s a difficult one.

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