Roll the Bones: Role Call 24

Have you ever felt like it was time to take a break, short or long, from roleplaying?

A few months ago, I had every intention of ending my bi-weekly Star Wars game — 2/3rds of it isn’t really working for me, and while I like the story arc, I just don’t have the time to make it really come out right (or the desire to make the time).
In a sense, I’m still ending the game, but with a couple of the players getting ready to move to Texas, I decided to keep it going long enough to finish the current arc. I’ve had some reasonably good ideas recently in that regard, and it should end up (a) interestingly and (b) soon — both of which are pretty important to me.
I think it’s important to mix up your games — play a bunch of different styles of stuff — modern, fantasy, horror, and both diced and diceless. It keeps everything fresh and keeps you from getting sick of the ‘same old thing’ that can crop up when using the same system for three different games (*coff*guilty*coff*).


  1. Actually, I’d think it would be the subtle variations in D20 between different systems that would give you fits …
    But, yeah, keeping it mixed up does keep it fresh.

  2. Actually, those fluxuations don’t bother me as much as … well, as much as they bother everyone else I know — I think it’s sort of fun to track all those little tweaks and understand why they were done. (Insert example of Ambidexterity/TWF still being important to keep as two different feats in genres other than fantasy here).
    But again, that’s me.

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