WISH 61: Characters for Other People

Come up with a character concept for one to three other gamers you know. System, genre, stats (if you even bother with stats) up to you. How did the gamer(s) influence the concept(s) you came up with? Would you play the character(s) you came up with yourself?

I’d like to see ***Dave play a Strong Group Leader type — pick your genre. Dave’s characters (well, the one’s I’ve encountered thus far) tend to be either loners (Edward, Selene, Sian) or ‘support’ characters (Shishiko, Dag, Hantor, Luciel, et cetera). That said, I remember a couple of Alter-amber sessions where Edward was cast in the role of Amber’s One True and Trustworthy Defender, Servant to MyLadytheQueen, and 100% Paladin material. A Leader. Dave pulled it off beautifully, going so far as to knock the Queen out and have her carried bodily from the battlefield to keep her from harm. It makes me think something like that would be fun to see in something a bit more long term.
For different reasons, I’d like to see Lee playing a do-gooder. Not necessarily a Leader, as above, but someone who’s inherently moral and honorable. It isn’t a question (to me) as to whether he could do it, I’d just like to watch.
I know I’m supposed to do three, but that’s what springs to mind at the moment.

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