Roll the Bones: Role Call 27: Verboten!

If you were somehow forbidden from playing with your favorite system, genre or setting, what would you substitute?

d20 Fantasy: Ooh. Toughie. I’d probably try to make BESM’s fantasy rules work, as much as I hate their dice mechanic. That campaign would probably die a fast and painful death.
d20 Oriental Adventures: MUCH easier to convert this to BESM than the DnD rules above, but if I had to convert, I’d switch to the actual Legend of the Five Rings rules, since I’m using that setting and most everything should convert over fairly easily.
Nobilis: This is sort of “my cold dead fingers” type of thing, but I could use something like Swift with better definition on the Karma Dice and get by pretty well. In other words, I’d just make something up.
Fantasy: I don’t know what genre would be most likely to make a group of people ‘into’ fantasy happy. Honestly, a Super genre would probably work best to give them that feel of ‘group/team blatantly beating the crap out of the bad guys’.
Oriental: If you have a group that’s into this kind of game, you probably have a group that really enjoys any sort of solid ‘setting’ feel. High-seas swashbuckling. Jungle Primitives, Pulp Adventure. Anything where they can really get into the specific genre. (“Fantasy” doesn’t count.)
High-power, High-concept characters (nobilis, amber): “Opposite genre” does not compute. This sort of game just means a game where you’re influential to the SETTING, not just the STORYLINE. Really, that can be done with any game where the character’s backgrounds make them important. That’s not really a genre.
Duchy of Caer Maighdean: I’d replace with with the massive Haven/Caercala fantasy city and go with a swashbuckler/intrigue game. For something like that I’d be more inclined to use Swift (link has basic rules only), unless it was with my ‘standard’ DnD group, for whom I would have to use something crunchier, like d20 or 7th Sea (that would make a very cool system to go with that setting, I think. Hmm.
Rokugan (L5R): Switch to the Usagi Yojimbo setting, or a mythic version of India (with lots of Yaun-ti for bad guys). Would probably require a new campaign for something like that, though. If I needed to, I’d switch to Mythic China till the end of the current story.
Nobilis: Nobilis rules without the setting does not compute (at least not at the moment). If Nobilis was utterly denied me I’d switch to Unknown Armies, though I think that would not have the broad appeal to my particular group that Nobilis does… I could be wrong. If you liked Dark Conspiracy, Unknown Armies is probably your cuppa. If I wanted to do something more high-power, I’d use Whispering Vault, there are lots of similarities.
Star Wars: Piece of Cake. I’m sick of that setting anyway… let’s do FIREFLY!


  1. >Nobilis: Nobilis rules without the setting does not compute…
    then you should talk to Jim Henley about the Nobilis-Supers game we almost played. Take your basic currently earth, have the Babylonian gods return, have a handful of New Yorkers suddenly have powers, and we’re playing. the PCs were not scoped as Nobilia, but humans with so many points of gifts (I forget how many). Had potential, but never got played.

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