Butterfinger, we barely knew yah…

WISH 72: Character Interruptus

Talk about a few characters you had to stop playing before their stories felt finished. Where do you think they would have gone?

Sara Parker, a.k.a. Bombshell, was a pretty cool Supers character. A leader who didn’t want the job, a secret identity, a second-layer of secret identity, a dark secret, and more character hooks than you could shake a stick at.
Where might she have gone? Well, I think Dave would have been missing at least a few lovely opportunities if Sarah hadn’t at the very least (1) been kicked out of the group as a spy, (2) been kicked out of the group (again) as a traitor, and (3) run into her ‘dead’ parents, apparently working for the bad guys.

One reply on “Butterfinger, we barely knew yah…”

  1. Well, certainly the parents would have shown up. If I decided she really had any, and simply wasn’t hatched from a tube.
    It’s hard to say. The whole campaign was (though my own doing) far more complicated than a twenty-year-old soap opera. I’m pleased that I’ve been able to start inserting some campaign background elements into the canned modules I’m using thus far, but slowly.

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