In an effort to knock the creative rust off my brain, I’m participating in the creation of the OceanOfStoriesWiki – Lexicon Of The Second Age… sort of collaborative encyclopedia for Nobilis’ second age. Here’s hoping we get through the alphabet.
I like this wiki-tool-thing: could be terribly useful for certain kinds of sites/material. I’ve actually downloaded the stuff to support the same sort of thing that Lexicon is using, and am pondering doing something with it to categorize Firefly material (both RPG-related and Fanboy).
Setting up a wiki’s not as easy as setting up that calendar app, unfortunately.


  1. We’re in the process of converting the House of Cards encyclopedia to a wiki. It’s worked very well so far.
    There were definitely some early snafus, but we did finally get it working. (We=Michael in this case. I’m admin, he’s tech.)

  2. Less joy for me. I’m trying the vanilla ‘dba’ version of it and nothing’s really… happening. I’d prefer MySQL simply because it seems like that’s what all the cool kids are doing, but the instructions for setting that up are arcane.

  3. We use TWiki (www.twiki.org). It was pretty easy to set up. It uses RCS for the “change database”. Our biggest issues were file permissions and the account owner for new files. There are very easy instructions for Linux, very easy instructions for Windows, and we had to work to translate them for MacOSX. Still, no more than a few hours to get it all running.

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