Sorcerer, Session Six, The Big Chill

We had our sixth session of the Bibliophage Sorcerer story Friday night. The whole thing is detailed here, along with previous session logs.
This was an interesting session, mostly because everyone was getting hammered with some relatively urgent priorities and were basically trapped in a small(ish) area with one another. That they don’t really get along just made it more interesting.
Right, on with the show.

At the end of last session, everyone (which is to say the three PCs, Yvonne, and Ken’s rescued girlfriend (Susan) were risking the increasingly strong blizzard to get away from Jerry Rubinek’s warehouse studio and get to someplace where they could all rest up a bit — they opted for Ken’s home. (Map here.) Upon arrival, they discovered Ken’s sister Hanae passed out in the living room, mumbling something about her father (recently dead) and with abraded and bleeding wounds on her arms.


  1. Sometimes the bits of Ken that come out of my mouth downright disturb me. Let alone how they (hopefully) disturb the other players.
    Ken’s leaving of Val alone while romping with Hanae is largely to give him later leverage toward other activities, including the binding of the amulet (which, in rules retrospect, he doesn’t actually need, it seems).
    But it was also all part of the “There’s way too much to do here” syndrome that he’s frantically suffering from. He likes to be in control, and there’s far too much going on out of it right now, all of which is top priority …

  2. There’s ALWAYS some way you get use someone who owes you, even for a supposedly-solo binding — some way they can do something for you that will give you an edge, even mechanically.
    Always… just requires imagination.
    Knowing what you can learn about the amulet before the binding, I can think of several things 🙂

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