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The Forge :: What is it About the HQ Rules and Bringing Out Setting?
A discussion of the recurring theme in HQ-related actually play reports about how “HQ finally let me play [cool setting x],” and why that happens.

Most games either ignore culture altogether or only take it for some minor “powerz”, like “All elves are competent with Elven Exotic Weapons as Martial Weapons” and similar stuff. This is, in a way, understandable, as it is harder to display cultural (or racial, or religious…) differences with a set of generic rules. Often, this is the skill systems “fault”, as it has a set of skill that apply to all and everyone in the game and thus have a hard time accounting for individual differences, like, dunno, a Fremens specific cultural background, for example. Of course, this can be done, for example by a “Specialisation”-system, but these often are used more for things that “are really useful” for the character. (Especially in point-buy systems.)
Heroquest allows, through keywords and player-created abilities, to display a characters cultural, religious, racial, whatever,… background without making the system needlessly complicated or making the character less “usefull”. It doesn?t punish the players for having characters that focus on their heritage.

This just reminds me of all the settings/genres I’d like to run with HQ. I’m doing my damndest to convert people.
Hell, Randy got me thinking about using HQ to run Amber — now I’ve got that bug buzzing around in the back of my head: using the Affinities rules for Amber Powers… man, it all works really, really well… might be a really good conversion to write up.

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