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City Of Heroes – Issue 4 is live
There is a TON of stuff happening in this release — this is the stuff I actually care about, either for myself or my friends:
* New body scaling feature allows you much more ability to customize your character?s appearance.
* Body scaling can be modified at Icon stores, along with your costume. This costs influence (rate varies depending on character?s Combat Level).
* New costume pieces have been added to give your character a wider range of choices.
* Enemies can now knock you back, instead of just knocking you down. Makes for more comic-book like gameplay.
* Defenders and Controllers will now drain more Endurance when using powers that drain Endurance. More specifically, Defenders will drain more Endurance when using Electricity Blast than a Blaster using the same power. Controllers will now drain more endurance with powers such as Transfusion, but Defenders will still drain more than Controllers.
* Defenders Secondary Effects (debuffs) should be better than a Blaster?s or a Controller?s.
* Lots of Jack Frost love for Noelle.
* Increased Gravity Control/Propel damage, to compensate for its long activation time.
* Significantly increased the Max HP of Kheldians while in Dwarf form. To make them more Tanker-like in this form.
* Increased the Damage buff of Leadership/Assault and Vengeance by 50%.
((UGH! Like the Nemesis troops with Vengeance need to suck MORE.))
* Doubled the effectiveness of the Recharge Boost of Empathy/Adrenaline boost. Improved the power to make it better than previous ones in the set.
* Modification to Perception attribute: Increased Perception will now allow you to see stealthy foes or resist powers that reduce your Perception (like Smoke Grenade). Enemies can reduce your Perception, so characters will get some resistance to such effects. Accuracy Inspirations now increase Perception.
* Leadership/Tactics now offers increased Perception and resistance to Confuse.
Enemies can now Confuse and Fear and reduce your Perception, so characters will get some resistance to such effects.
* Medicine/Stimulant now offers resistance to Fear and Confuse.
* Super Reflexes/Focused Fighting now offers resistance to Confuse.
* Super Reflexes/Focused Senses now offers increased Perception.
* Empathy/Clear Mind now offer resistance to Fear and Confuse, and grants increased Perception.
* Gravity Control/Wormhole is now an AoE (Wormhole applied a Disorient, so now Gravity Control has another AoE Control power). Recharge Time was increased to compensate. Gives Gravity Controllers another AoE control power.
* Dark Miasma/Howling Twilight now restores Full Hit Points and Endurance to those you resurrect. This power no longer accepts Heal and Recovery Enhancements (it already restores the maximum HP and END, so there is nothing to Enhance).
* Modified powers that protect you from controlling effects. They will all now generally improve over level.
* Mez Protection Powers scale more effectively over level.
* Dark Miasma/Twilight Grasp now debuff the targeted foes? Regeneration Rate.
Improvement to the power.
* Kinetics/Transfusion now debuffs the targeted foes? Regeneration Rate.
* Kinetics/Siphon Speed now also transfers attack rate (debuffs targets attack rate and buffs the casters).
* Changed rank of Devouring Earth beacons. They should be easier to destroy now. Beacons were too difficult to destroy.
* Increase Range and Decreased Interrupt times of Medicine/Aid Other and Stimulant. (Whoo!)
* Increased recharge time (less often) for Yellow Ink Men Holds and Sleeps.
So you are not perma-held by Minions. (That’s RIGHT, yah bastards!)
* Decreased Chance for DE Fungi men to put you to sleep with their Spores.
So you are not perma-held by Minions.
* Increased the recharge time (less often) for Malta Tasers and Web Grenades.
So you are not perma-held by Minions.
* Modified Knives of Artemis stealth. They got better. (WOE!)
* Increased the recharge time (less often) for Modified Knives of Artemis sleep dart. (W00t!)
* Modified Hydra Head powers. Fixed bug that allowed attacks to get through without taking out the shield generators. (Nooooooo!)
* Reduced reward for defeating a Sewer Trial Kraken — The reward was inadvertently too high for the risk involved. (BOO! 🙂 )
* You can now attack targets while Superior Invisibility is on. Superior Invisibility is the only self toggle invisibility power that allows you to attack while it is active. (SWEET!)
* Super Reflexes/Quickness now also resists slow effects.
* Fixed taunt powers so they will cause fleeing villains to return, unless they are affected by a Fear power. (YES!)
* If the target of a toggle power moves out of maximum perception range, the toggle power is dropped from the target. (That’s actually cool… I’ve pulled MASSIVE aggro from an anchored target running off across town.)
* Changed Moment of Glory, Elude, and Light Form to have a Duration of 180 seconds and a base recharge time of 1000 seconds. (Good)
* Changed the effect area of the Nemesis Staff Temporary Power. Increased the recharge time of Nemesis Staff temp power. This power was bugged. It was doing Single-Target scale of damage to a large Area of Effect. (Yeah! And I *LOVED* it!)
* Blaster: Energy Manipulation: Bone Smasher (100% chance of dropping one toggle, 75% chance of dropping a second toggle 50% chance of dropping a third toggle)
* Most Defender debuffs are not resistible in PvP To give Defenders a chance against Scrappers and Tankers. (Won’t help. 🙁 )
* 33% of damage from Blaster Primary, Secondary and Ancillary Powers cannot be resisted. To give Blasters a chance against Scrappers and Tankers.
Coalition Chat
Coalition chat can be accessed by clicking on the Coalition button in your Supergroup menu, or via slash commands.
Invites a player’s Supergroup to form a coalition. You must be the leader of your Supergroup to do this.
Also accessible by right clicking on the player.
Sends the invite to the leader of ‘s Supergroup that has been online the longest.
Your Supergroup can be in a coalition with a maximum of 10 other Supergroups.
* Global Chat: If you use the /ghide command, your name will no longer disappear from other players’ friends lists when you zone. (Yeah, that’s been a VERY weird bug in the game for awhile.)
* Added “Suppress Extra Player FX” to the Options Menu, which will disable rendering of “unimportant” player FX systems (any PBAoE or continuing FX not affecting the player or a teammate)
* If you have not damaged a villain and are farther than 300ft from where the villain is defeated by a teammate, you will receive no reward. If you did no damage yourself, and are defeated, and have been so for more than a minute, you will receive no reward. These limits do not apply when on any Mission Map. This is to make sure that party members who participated in the battles are the ones who get the rewards.
* Construction on University Campuses has begun in Steel Canyon and Founder?s Falls. This is for an upcoming game feature. (SKILLS!)
* Bastion has received a substantial upgrade to his systems, courtesy of DATA. In honor of his greatly enhanced capabilities, Paragon City’s android hero has renamed himself “Citadel.”
* Sister Psyche has been returned to her own body, thanks to the efforts of the many heroes who assisted Task Force contact Calvin Scott. Sadly, the spell that restored her also caused her to lose control over the twisted mind of her prot?g?, Malaise. He has gone rogue, but in his place stands Aurora Borealis, Sister Psyche’s former host and current prot?g?e. Sister Psyche hopes that one day Malaise’s good personality may be brought to the forefront again, and he can reclaim his place among the heroes of Paragon City.
*As for Calvin Scott, he has retired from the contact business, content that his work is complete. (The Calvin Scott Task Force is no longer available)
((And good riddance. Sincerely.))
* Trainers (NPCs who you see to Level Up) now have a lot of things to tell players about various game systems.


  1. makes me want to go home right now and check everthing out.
    w00t, as it were!

  2. Also nice…
    Roben will be able to got a breast reduction (I’m guessing Gilly will now look like the 10 year old she is supposed to be).
    I’ll have to see what I can do with MoFo (Even SMALLER!).
    I’ll be able to get Zazi out of the CFM skirt and in to something more school uniformy.
    Very happy with the Grav stuff doing more damage. And all of the things that Puck has will make her even more useful in a group/team enviroment.
    Zazi IS going to rock with the changes to SR.
    I”m happy with all the chages as shown…I’m going to have to see how they affect things in the game though.

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