Week in review

Not much going on this weekend, game-wise.
Since updating levels last week, Hype’s dinged 24, 25, and 26. One more and he ties with Strategist, whom he will no doubt pass to become my second-highest-level character.
Biggest problem with Hype and Syn is that we want to do every single Task Force and the 24-32 level range has… FOUR. One of which (Hess) you have to qualify to do by hitting all the Striga content. And each one will probably come close to dinging us… and at the same time we need to cozy up to the contact that sells Mutie enhancements, so we need to do HIS stuff, and I want to do the Freaklypics arc… gah…
So we’re basically ignoring all but two of our contacts at this point: Syn’s doing the the Striga guy and I’m doing the Mutie guy and we’re just trying not to out-level them before we get them finished up.
The problem with never rarely getting debt is that it’s hard not to miss content because you’re outleveling it. It’s REALLY hard if you try to hit all the Task Forces.
I think it would be flat-out impossible, without exemping, for any one character to do all the TF’s and storyarcs in the game until they exlusively solo’d their missions.
Also, dinged 44 with Hang Time and picked up Repulsion bubble, just cuz it’s funny and might be occassionally useful against bosses or something and I want Force of Nature for my last powah, so I had to take either that or Temp Invul, which… come on… as squishy as I am, 20% damage reduction isn’t going to do anything. Going to try to hold at 44 for a bit, cuz I’m organizing the Shadow Shard TF and I’m worried about leveling past my 40-44 contacts. I think I need to dial down to Heroic just so I get less XP from my personal missions. Hmm.
Lee always say that the 40+ game was fraught with ‘I’m all out of missions and I can’t get new contacts’, but I don’t have that problem — I’m afraid I’m going to level past someone before I finish their arcs — this has come about becuase I’m usually running other peoples stuff.
So, weirdly, I have similar problems with both Hype and Hang… trying not to outlevel the content.

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