Weekend in review

No FtF game Friday night — we did a little work on the ‘play on the weeknights until it gets done’, TWENTY-FOUR MISSION, Shadow Shard Task Force that HT and Scorp are in. I think we’re about 15 missions in… so maybe we’ll wrap up this week… I hope. Seems like 2.2 missions a night isn’t impossible.
Saturday, game-wise, was a fiasco — didn’t get a blessed thing done, really… though there was a pretty darn good RP thing.
Sunday, got some quality time in with Strategist and … his partner, who shall remain nameless. That… was really cool. Followed that up with Hype and Syn finishing up THREE 25-30 story arcs (Ubelmann, Freaklympics, and General Z), dinging 31, picking the four contacts we’re going to actually use from 31 to 35 (two each, since we pair up all the time it’s all we can get done in four levels and still cover all the factions), getting missions from them and the level 30 Mutant SO Contact (who is SO CUTE!)…
… and wrapping up by getting Syn the Nemesis Staff. 🙂 Fun night.


  1. We *know* who your Partner is and they are on the chart already…;-P

  2. Sure. OOC.
    But some folks in the game, not from Denver, who don’t WANT to know… don’t know.
    And no one knows IC. 🙂

  3. We have suspicions…and we have a catagory for that…a rather big one I might add.
    But yeah…we have no proof…Plus I think Cate, Erin, and Nora are going to be so distracted by the Kin Bot’s Pants experiments to care for a while.;->

  4. I can’t even imagine what suspicions anyone would have. Strat ran missions for hours yesterday with…
    Healing Rayne?
    Oh yeah, have some fun with that 🙂

  5. I don’t know. And I like surprises, so… there. Yeah. Plus, you know, I’m very busy trying to work out who Agent Seven is off galivanting with, and I’m not sure I think about both Strat and Seven at the same time without my little head going all explodey.

  6. I think what you mean to say there is “Hrm.”
    I have already posited the quietest IC conversation ever between Seven and Strat:
    *various sounds of fighting in the background*

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