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CoH screenies, just cuz they’re funny.

When Respec, as a function, first came out on test.
Also, more recently, two Synapse teams get ambushed by Babbage right next to each other.

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Gyah.. I remember that at the holiday. The free Holiday respec came out before I3 I think it was and the /respec command wasn’t out yet, so everyone rushed Galaxy City.
The twin Babbages though.. That is priceless. I don’t know if you could even manage that intentionally if you tried.

I’d always been under the impression that only one Babbage spawned at a time, so that if another team was also running that TF, the Babbage ambush was not a guaranteed deal. Don’t know if that was changed, or if I was misinformed.

I really don’t know…
As a wandering zone-monster, there should only ever be one at a time in Baumton. But I’ve never done that TF and not had him spawn in ambush on me.
So I don’t know if the ambush spawns are counted seperately, or if people really go out of their way to keep him beat down a lot in Baumton.

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