I5 changes: MA/SR

Had a chance to mess around a bit on Test with my entirely non-optimal MA/SR build (Strat). A few quick thoughts:
– Damage on the attacks seems to be about 112 to 114% of Live.
– Generally I’m running down through endurance more slowly.
– I kept stealth running throughout just for the hell of it — didn’t seem to do much of anything, not even between fights for reducing aggro range.
– XP totals per defeat seem up to about 124% of Live’s numbers on minions and 135% on Lts.
The big question: increased or decreased survivability.
I was fighting white and yellow Banished Pantheon and, as a general rule had no more or less problems with survivability with the groups I was dealing with. I DID notice more incoming damage when the Death Shamans started to raise more minions — since my defenses are down with i5 and the minions accuracy (already the lowest) didn’t change, loading in a lot of minions increased my incoming hits noticeably — still won, but I was more beat up.
End result: totally playable — it’s possible I’d have never really noticed any changes they hadn’t been pointed out, simply altered play-style unconsciously. I *am* a bit miffed about essentially a ‘wasted’ power (Stealth) required to get Strat’s “sneaky-mode” (invis) — that power’s pretty much pointless now (and getting bestow invis instead makes no sense at all). Ahh well: price of an RP build.


  1. So stealth no longer provides any usefulness?
    And It sounds like Zazi will no longer be able to solo Purples. Good to know. Considering the Katana is set up to be able to fight multiple foes, it sounds as if I well need to pick those battles a bit more carefully. Or when I respec to get rid of Stealth, Move more Defense to Devine Avalanche (1 SO is 22 and 2 SO’s would be 26 defense, and I can hit and keep them up so that I have two shields up at a time. Which would make it my best defense by a long shot. Slotted End/Acc/Acc/Spd/Def/Def).

  2. I hadn’t heard that Stealth (outside of combat, where it gets suppressed) had been so badly hit. Hrm.

  3. I’m not SURE it did either. It just didn’t seem to do anything.
    My example:
    Three Banished Pantheon, one considerably off from the rest, but close enough that, if you walk in with no stealth on, they’d all see you.
    Strat come up, stands next to the solo one. Stealth is on. IN MY EXPERIENCE, what would happen is the close guy would aggro, and the other two would fail to notice you, thanks to stealth.
    What happened: The first guy turned and swung at me, I ‘ducked’ (the animation), and the other two saw me and joined it.
    Dunno. It LOOKED like stealth suppressed not just when I attacked, but when I was simply “in combat.”

  4. Gah!
    That is not good.
    I mean that is one of the reasons to have stealth, so that you can sneak around and find all the goodies on non kill all missions. and usually at least one person spots me as I go running by and get to close to them in hallways, but he would be the only attacker, so it was no big deal. But if the entire Mob attacks, *that* could be a problem.

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