I5 changes: MA/SR

Had a chance to mess around a bit on Test with my entirely non-optimal MA/SR build (Strat). A few quick thoughts:
– Damage on the attacks seems to be about 112 to 114% of Live.
– Generally I’m running down through endurance more slowly.
– I kept stealth running throughout just for the hell of it — didn’t seem to do much of anything, not even between fights for reducing aggro range.
– XP totals per defeat seem up to about 124% of Live’s numbers on minions and 135% on Lts.
The big question: increased or decreased survivability.
I was fighting white and yellow Banished Pantheon and, as a general rule had no more or less problems with survivability with the groups I was dealing with. I DID notice more incoming damage when the Death Shamans started to raise more minions — since my defenses are down with i5 and the minions accuracy (already the lowest) didn’t change, loading in a lot of minions increased my incoming hits noticeably — still won, but I was more beat up.
End result: totally playable — it’s possible I’d have never really noticed any changes they hadn’t been pointed out, simply altered play-style unconsciously. I *am* a bit miffed about essentially a ‘wasted’ power (Stealth) required to get Strat’s “sneaky-mode” (invis) — that power’s pretty much pointless now (and getting bestow invis instead makes no sense at all). Ahh well: price of an RP build.

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