1. Well, it *is* possible to hit the Defense cap (75%) … against even-level minions … by 6-slotting your three Melee defense powers with even-level SOs.
    Yeah. That sounds good for going up against bad guys of any difficulty.

  2. What the frell…whay are the screwing over SR so badly…
    Looks like I will be moving defense over Divine avalanche

  3. SR has always been kind of screwed with the power progression alone not getting AoE defense until several levels after things like Nemmys become common with their grenades.
    The only good thing about this is that at least at low levels it should be easier with the native background defense gain being re-sloped to hit cap at 20 instead of 40.
    But very much it feels like they are re-balancing this to be a ‘Kill them first!’ sort of thing instead of a ‘I can sort of tank’ thing.

  4. Hit the defense cap? Vs. Melee?
    No. Not even with the (horrible) weave pool power:
    Focused Fighting (6 SO DefBuf), Dodge (6 SO DefBuf), Weave (6 SO DefBuf) – Total 45.65%
    Ranged defense is the same.
    AoE defense can be forced up into the 60’s… but you get it so late in the game that you’ve spent 10 to 20 levels getting nuked by AoE’s first (Council Flamethrowers and Grenades as soon Steel Canyon — at or around level 10 — come to mind.)
    You’re a melee-range blaster with more hits points and a perma x1.5 strength Luck Inspiration.

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