Seven Super(s) Days

As noted elsewhere, HT and Shock both dinged 50 this week, so that was really the big news. Lots of 50-dings this week, actually, kick-started by Kin’s the week previous: HT, Liberty Bill, Shock, Malcalypse… a couple others. Pretty crazy. Expect a glut of kheldian applicants to the Alliance.
[[deleting snarky ‘despite better judgement’ comment]]
In other news:
1. Hype and Syn dinged 36.
2. Created a couple Kheldians, one of which (the warshade) I’m sort of already suspecting I might have screwed up, but if there’s a free respec coming out with i5, I’ll keep leveling her up as is and just fix things then (reduce reliance on human-form powers, so I can open up massive slotting on the squid form, whereas the Peacebringer may be pure human, all the way).
3. I’ve finally ported a few characters over to the Test server to take a look at I5, since there will be a lot of respeccing for some of my characters. Thus far, I’ve made copies of Strategist, Gilly, Hype, and HT. Reports and musing on that in the near future.
4. I don’t have enough time to play all the characters I want to play.

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