Week in review

As noted here, managed to mess around with CoH a bit over the last week, despite rampant having-a-babyness. Notably:
Got the background written up amnesiac kheldian “Lightborne” (not to be confused, please, with Jackie’s “Lightborn” :P), and the delusional Joan-of-Arc-like kurdish zealot “Shade Dancer”. I sort of need a respec for Shade Dancer already, but both of the kheldians are fun to play, regardless. I’ve yet to take an ‘alien’ form on either of them.
Got a few hours in, here and there, with Hype and Syn. I’ve a free respec on Hype that I’d like to use-it-or-lose-it before we get the OTHER one with Issue Five, but frankly I don’t feel like there’s anything I want to change with him that badly.
Got HT on for an hour or so last night to play with the magical memory-blanking plot that’s going on with him while Scorpia is ICly MIA — took the opportunity to group with the Consortium folks and pick up the Negotiator badge while talking about how tough Clockwork and Skulls were on the SG channel. Much fun.
Got Hangbot into the Storm Knights — something else I’ll be able to use for some fun foreshadowing this week.

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