Updates, 9/27

F/X for all Sonic Resonance and Sonic Blast buffs and debuffs toned down. Many players complained of discomfort caused by these F/X. These will be further toned down in a future patch based on customer feedback.
Fixed a bug that could cause a Contact to start a player on a Story Arc without giving them a mission.
The new Damage Resistance Inspirations can now be purchased in stores.
Fixed a bug that caused sound to loop repeatedly and eventually crashed the game client.


  1. Huzzah!
    The sound bug has been fixed!
    That thing crashed me at least once a session.

  2. Huh. Whereas I’ve never encountered it.
    Man, I’m glad I don’t have to manage programming and QA/QC for something like CoH.
    Glad to hear (so to speak) about the Sonics thang going live.

  3. I encountered the sound bug off an on for ages. Glad it is fixed.
    Dam Resist inspires… They really worth it? For some reason, picturing them mostly being used by people who already are heavy into resists just to get temporary resistance to Psi or Toxic as needed.

  4. Well, for folks like Syn, who have Tough and maybe Temp Invul from the epic… dropping a couple of the 10% resists (the middle-range ones) gets you to pretty respectable numbers (up in th 60% res range).
    For Hype? Yeah, it’s good for hitting Psi and/or Neg.Energy AV’s and that’s about it… I can see Invul tankers using them whenever they’re going against non-smash/lethal in significant numbers.
    ((And actually, using a bunch of oranges can save your butt when you experience an unexpected toggle-drop.))
    Going up against, say, Psychic Babbage, I’d probably have a mix of nothing but purple and orange shields and switch back and forth, using 3 or 4 at a time.

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