Weekend in SNAFU

This weekend, I pretty much played CoV. Mostly Kethos (Dark Melee/Fire Brute), the head of Devil’s Night, a bunch of criminal anarchists.

Devils Night was formed to emulate a theme of anarchy for the sake of personal freedom, chaos for the sake of breaking down order, and a disregard for societal norms that often bleeds into the psychopathic.
Social Darwinism meets Anarchism.
Break down order. Destroy something pretty. You probably wouldn’t put it in those terms, but that is the drive that lies underneath.
“He was inclined to anarchism; he hated system and organization and uniformity”
— Bertrand Russell
“Greed is for amateurs. Disorder. Chaos. Anarchy. Now that’s fun.”

He’s on Virtue, and the SG has a non-aggression pack with The Elitists and the Order of the Bloody Rose. About two missions from level 14 and a travel power. Should have that taken care of tonight.
Tremendous backstory and just plain old story with this guy so far — very cool stuff. The smooth disdain of Top Dollar meets violence of The Narrator and the lewd humor of Jayne.
Also created:
* Markov Chain (Energy/Energy Stalker) on Champion — Martin from Grosse Pointe Blank meets the tragedy of the Hollows. A markov chain posits that you cannot predict the future from past events — “Mark” gave himself the name after his family and friends were killed in the Hollowing to convince remind himself that the past is pointless. He’s a bit neurotic. His therapist is very nervous.
* Barret (Dark/Dark brute) on Champion — very large. Very, very quiet. I decided to go with Dark armor on this one after talking over all the Brute sets with Jackie and realizing that Dark has all the things I like about Fire, but WITH psi resistance. I kept dark melee cuz it’s fun on Kethos and I like the punch-noises. Sounds violent.
Both are those are level 2 because… Keth is level 13. Duh. Should be more like 15 or something, but Sunday sucked ass on many fronts, and on Saturday I spent considerable time screwing around on the SG base. Don’t have other character plans at this time, though I might have one more guy in Virtue. Wanna hear about everyone new folks.
I also have to give a shout out to Jackie’s extremely refined Hedera (Plant/Ice Dominator), one of the heads of the Elitists on Virtue, Unhinged, her hilarious Ninja-arrows Mastermind (with ninjas named Flash Gordon and Buck Rodgers), and Merry Mayhem, her evil-ditz Stone/Dark Brute, also on Champion, and also in the Consortium of Injustice.


  1. Dark Armor is a nice set. Toxic Resistance in the base armor at level one, Psi resistance on the Mez armor, a Stealth which doesn’t suck for those times when you really don’t want to put up with fighting across the worldmap to a mission.
    The Debt (Death) Shroud doesn’t mix with the Cloak of Fear very well at all, but both are nice depending on the situation. Very fun set.
    Lets see…
    Atom Smasher – 14th Rad/Rad Corrupter
    A lot of fun so far, surprised I have liked Corrupters so much. I mean, me and playing a character who can heal, two concepts I usually didn’t expect to see in the same sentence. The Elitists on Virtue.
    Neverborn – 7th Dark/Dark Corrupter
    Elongated alien skull, reptilian skin, uses the roar and tarzan emotes in the place of talking a lot, and a prehensile tongue. Very weird so far, and another healer for me. So odd. CoI on Champion.
    Assassin One – 6th Energy/Energy Stalker
    Already in Port Oakes and starting Mr. Bocor’s story-arc. Stalkers are fun. Easy to solo, and I’ve been going out of my way to level him slow so that I can see all the mission content. CoI on Champion.
    Murder Colonel – 2nd ???/DA Brute
    I can’t actually remember now if I kept him as Energy Melee or swapped to Super Strength. But I tried both. Wacky pacing, very much a case of not wanting to pause between fights to heal. The Elitists on Virtue.

  2. Zot ? Claws/Ninjitu Stalker: A lot of fun. I love stalkers. 🙂 Basically more cat then human, and spent time coming up with her personality by RP?ing with folks over the weekend. Plus, it is so nice just to be able to say….yep…the sharp pointy things did kill them all.(champion)
    Gasta Bas ? Dark/Fire Corruptor: Getting to be the evil that his siblings have had suppressed. I love scourge. So far so good. (Champion)
    Ikeike Shimeitehai ? Energy/Ninjitsu Stalker: Were as Claws takes very little End and gives modest damage?Energy sucks up End like no tomorrow?but Damage baby Damage! 😉 Fun so far and had a great time with James the Infirm the other night. Again?love stalkers.(Virtue)
    19 ? Merc/Traps Mastermind: Still working on channelling my inner Blowfeld/#2. Masterminds take a lot of getting use to, all push button and only one real attack. Plus?I have no clue on a build?.it is like being a controller??plus being a Natural Origin I am having problems with a Travel Power. Leadership is going to be big since it stacks with Supremacy?.but I think that I may not have to take any of the Fitness powers except Hurdle. So very different?. (Virtue)

  3. This is weird. I didn’t want to play CoV, and here I already have three villains to my one hero.
    Bloodied Raven – Ninja Blade/Regeneration Stalker: My main, he’s already a member of the Sanguine Society. I love sneaking up and backstabbing! 🙂
    Brute Indigo] – Dark/Dark Brute: Smashing is fun, and I get to RP a complete idiot. He’ll likely be joining Barometra’s gang of ordinary criminals.
    The Crimson Prophet – Necromancy/Force Field Mastermind: Just created him last night, so don’t know much about him, but he’ll likely be my alt in the SS. And I’ve managed to tie his backstory in with a friend’s CoH character. (Oh, I came up with the idea for him while listening to a Lone Ranger episode from 1946. I expect that nobody will realize I ripped the name and a bit of his bio off from that story!)

  4. Funniest two exchanges from last night…for me at least.
    “Zot rubs up agaist Calibanos.”
    “Calibanos pats Zot on her head and then counts all of his fingers to make sure that they are all still there…”

    “Zot rubs up agaist Neverborn.”
    “Neverborn drools.”

    And lest we forget crazy girls thing of tossing popcorn to the non-humans….very funny.

  5. I clicked on some civilians in CoV to see what they’s day. Two in a row had me laughing out loud.
    “What’s the frequency Kenneth?”
    “I want my two dollars.”

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