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For the CoV version of Noelle…

Hmmm… Stainless steel stillettoes: not airport security screening friendly: high heels made from stainless steel, with optional locking ankle straps.
Daddy like.

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Saw tham and thought that they would be perfect for several of the CoV types. ;P

“Intended to be worn in the boudoir…”
I guess I’ve just led a sheltered life. I can’t possibly imagine wanting a woman wearing these during, or even leading up to… stuff.
Maybe that’s why I never have any fun? 😉

Well, sure, you couldn’t actually “walk.” I mean, ok, you could, but…
Though while I get what they were going for, I’ve seen sexy shoes, precisely because they weren’t trying so damn hard to be sexy. Like these, for example.

I’m sorry. I still don’t get it. I understand they’re supposed to be a turn-on, but… metal shoes? Uh-uh. Maybe it’s just me, but the idea does nothing for me.
Could somebody explain exactly *why* that’s supposed to be sexy?

Hmm..if I happen to find those on the Faces’ shelves sometime I’ll pick Sub-Zero up a pair, or 3.

Think of them as handcuffs… for feet.
With stiletto heels.

I’ll be in my bunk. 🙂

Okay… I’ve never found the idea of handcuffs terribly appealing either.
Guess I’m just boring. 😉

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