Planning Stages

Trying to put together a team for the Manticore TF for tonight — *nudge nudge*. (Yeah, I know — I’m trying to organize it on the forums instead of via email… I’m a rebel.)
If nothing else, need a few more people to help start it for the folks who actually want to run it — I’m sure the four we’ve already got can actually do it.
That said… maybe there are alternatives?
Synapse, 15ish-21ish (BYO-toon)
Sister Spooky, 20ish-25ish (*might* be able to get Gilly up to 20 fast enough this late-afternoon to do that — Tessa could come! Pre-adolescent-palooza!)
The second SF thing on Champion’s Darkside? Which… actually, I’m pretty sure I can’t do that yet, thanks in part to a couple KK-induced faceplants in the last few days with Markov.

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