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First…I confirm that we’re working on right now (as in pohsyb in the next room) to add CoV costume parts into CoH if you own both games….
Then we repeal the hated stealth nerf. The reason why: many well reasoned posts. It’s that simple. You guys pointed out the problems.
AND now…we’re changing the way Archvillains spawn. A ton of forum goers disliked adding so many AV’s into missions a while back…so we’ve come up with a solution. If the team size and mission difficulty are ABOVE a certain level, an Archvillain spawns. Below that, players will face only an Elite Boss. If the mission is set on the first two levels of difficulty, it takes 4 heroes or more to spawn an Arch Villain. On the third level, 3 heroes or more. On the fourth level, 2 heroes. On the highest (Invincible), a solo hero will spawn an AV. Note this works in BOTH City of Heroes and Villains.
In order to incentivize lager teams, Positron is going to add a bonus to AV rewards!

So… in theory, if you’re on heroic, and you start, say… the Sarah Moore TF… and five players drop the TF… the final would be an Elite Boss. Weird.
Still… pretty cool for folks who prefer to solo or duo and currently *have* to get a team together to finish missions with AV’s in them (such as most of the Portal Corp stuff).

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