CoH plans, #2

I was supposed to wait to mention this at the Munchies thing tonight, but I’m an impatient person…
Jason and Noelle are going to do the first Shadow Shard mission, and we’ve (I think, maybe) lined up the two extra people we need at the END of the TF to finish it, but we need four more people to start the thing.
1. We just need you to pop over to the Shadow Shard to start the thing, you can quit after that.
2. Odds are good you won’t want to STAY on the TF, because we’re going to take this at HT/Noelle pace, which means slow and intermittently. 🙂 The only folks who might be interested are probably (a) 50’s who (b) aren’t planning on being on much in that time, or who’ll just be on to RP, and not run missions who (c) want to get the badge by logging in for the last two missions, probably in a week or so.
So… (1) can you hop on after the Munchies tonight, or tomorrow evening to help us get it started and (b) if so, are you interested in being tied up by Noelle and Jason for a week (ahem) in order to get the badge?

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