Week in Review

Messed around with a couple lower-level characters — notably Bear Claws (who I think still has (annoyingly) the hero-side of the Valentine’s missions to finish… so I need a villain to help me out there.
Got Toothbreaker with Keth and Myca, but not on Bear. Got… Handsome on… Pummelcite… and Beautiful for Gilly (both of whom are level 20 now, finally).
Everyone else? Hell, I didn’t even get most of my people logged in to pick up the “Heart of ____” badge.
Coming up, there’s Monday Munchies, then I’ve got a couple things I’m supposed to or need to do with John on Tuesday evening (hard to play him — just not fun for me since he got kicked out of the Guard — don’t ask me why, I dunno — so maybe the RP on Tuesday will help me get back into him). Would like to do some work with Markov’s missions — nothing like Assault Rifle snipers for the Zen of Soloing.
… other than that, no plans. With Spring Fountain this coming Friday, Margie Gras on Saturday, and a probable hangover on Sunday, I don’t expect to get a lot of play time this coming weekend, and I’ll be out of town the weekend after that, so… yeah, don’t expect a glut of stuff coming out of the CoH side of things in the nearish future.
Face to Face
Got everyone involved in the Firefly game together to do character generation. That went pretty well, and now I’m set to come up with some information on the NPCs that will make up the rest of the crew, as well as information on the ship itself. I’m pleased that the chargen went as well as it did, and I’m equally glad that I had the foresight (this time) to NOT jump right in and try to ‘run something’ — I think it’ll let me come up with a better backgroup for the characters, as well as a better plotline. Time to work on Bangs for everyone. 🙂
Need to set up some time to do the exact same thing with the Sorcerer group.
Spring Fountain, which is about 8 sessions into a roughly 10-session plotline, is meeting on Friday. I need to write up a ‘when we last left our heroes’ post for everyone, including myself. 🙂
And that’s it — a lot of prep, but also stuff to look forward to.


  1. Tonight is my son’s Scout meeting, but Cheesy Poof will be online after I get home. I also have a new villain who has reached approx. 7-8: Dr. Frankenberry!!!
    Pictures and such will be forthcoming if there is a separate website being worked up for the baddies.
    Incidentally, did my pics of Cheesy Poof make it through? Gmail was acting wonky around the time I sent them.

  2. Ho Ho’s rarin’ to go (as if you haven’t heard that before). I have a villain at Lvl 2 — but haven’t done much with him not knowing what the “plans” are for the food villains.

  3. Depending on your level with Bear Claw, Charity at Home could use some XP lovin’ to catch up with Mr Ravenous (who got to do the PocketD thing).

  4. Wrong server Dave. We can get our evil foods up a few levels to do that with BearClaw. Did you want to run some Devil’s Foods tonight?

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