Week in review

Random Bits…

Hang Time
(Level: 50)
Need to do the thing with the thing and that one girl.
“Shard, it’s pronounced ‘shard’.”
“Right. Shard. Got it.”
… just… really looking forward to that stuff.

(Level: Fiddy)
Ran the Eden Trial last week. Still owned the damn thing. The clean-up in the last room took a little longer, due the 16+ aggro-limit, but it still rolled.

(Level: 34 (NEW!!!))
Holy cow — who knew the old bastard could still level?!?
Umm… lesse. Strat resigned from his chair as a Tribunal, took on the title of “Spartan” (for a number of good reasons) and whattaya know… I actually wanted to log on and PLAY him again.
Which I did, quite a bit. He really does kick ass — running on Rugged with pretty much no endurance or healing breaks. Good stuff.

(level: 32)
Need to get John going again. Between what amounted to a kind of annoying level 32 power, and a bout of illness that postponed the Manticore TF and some writing last week, a bunch of stuff I *Expected* to do with him didn’t happen. Need to fix that.

(Level: 22)
Nada. Sucks, but… nada.

(level: 19)
Just a few damn bars from 20…
… and a sewer full of CoT ghosts in the way.
Someone log on and do damage while I soak their ineffectual attacks, please?

(Level: 19 (New))
Knight’s night last night — dinged 19 and halfway to 20… tanked Psychic Babbage, Diabolique, and Battle Maiden… at level 19. 🙂
Whhheeeeeee. 🙂
Granted, impossible without the awesome people we had on the team, but he’s tanking for and roleplaying with huge groups of Storm Knights… which is the whole damn reason I *created* the character, so I’m beyond happy about this.

Markov Chain
(Level 19 (NEW))
So very broken. He doesn’t know what he needs, but he knows what he wants.
Maybe. 🙂
Hmm… another level 19 toon… pattern, much?
Lucian Strange
(Level 18: ((New)))
Jesus, this guy kicks butt. Seriously. No one on DO’s should be able to ass-whup on Invincible, solo. He does. It’s scary.

Bear Claws
(Level 10 (NEW!))
Dude, so… like… I was… I mean, I am… like… I work with this lab.
Well, not work. I mean… not really. But… they pay me to do, like… to run lab experiments on… umm… me? And they don’t really get a lot of guys doing that, and I don’t mind like… you know… having it done a LOT, cuz they pay pretty good… so we don’t say anything much to anyone about how MUCH they do… or I mean… many? So… it works out, right? I get the rent paid, right?
What was the question?
Oh. Right. Umm… you go down two blocks and hang a right. Big building. Can’t miss it…

Man… I’m SO hungry…
Love this guy. Love the gameplay. Love the roleplay. Love the character. Love the supergroup. Love. Love. Love.
Look for me on Freedom, and you shall find me a stoned man. 🙂
So… hungry…

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