PvP Coh Random thoughts

“If you bow at all, bow low.”
— Chinese Proverb
As noted here, in the comments, I messed around with some PvP stuff last night with Hype, both in PvP zones (I really like the PvE gameplay of Siren’s Call alot — I might actually rearrange Hype’s build — with the same slotting — so I have a few more options at level 30, but I digress) and in the Arena. Just had a few thoughts:
PvP fights are like a PvE fight that goes wrong: too much aggro on the wrong people, the bad guys are spread out too far, the damage is coming in too fast, and you can’t seem to track the key targets that will help you get control of the situation.
That’s the good and the bad, in a nutshell: it’s bad because it can be really frustrating and annoying and did I mention frustrating? It’s good, because if you actually manage to GET control of that wild situation and pull out a win (just like when things go badly in a PvE fight), you really feel GOOD about it.
These days, I pretty much know how to play my odds with most of my toons — there aren’t a lot of surprises on the PvE side of things, and while there’s a definite and long-lasting visceral enjoyment in mowing through ranks and ranks of baddies, my heart isn’t going to get all poundy-poundy, wondering if I’m going to make it — I KNOW I’m going to make it, or I KNOW I’m not going to make it, and I can see it coming. When I’m wrong, it’s usually over so quickly that I don’t have time to be surprised.
So… take an AV fight where you were just… sweaty palms, mashing the keys, emptying the inspiration tray, and muttering invective at the screen. Sometimes you’re dancing around afterward, fists in the air, and sometimes you’re swearing and clicking on the ‘Go To Hospital’ button and bitching about your nerfed powers.
That’s pretty much every PvP fight.
Other bits:
Hype is tough. I knew that for PvE. Now I know it for PvP. I don’t think I could actuallly get a kill on an anemic toddler without someone buffing me up, but he can take a hit. The biggest problem with that is just… getting the other team to FOCUS ON HIM. Taunt is total crap. That is all.
Fear powers in PvP are overpowered awesome. I look forward to Gavin in Siren’s call 🙂
I finally (this morning) grokked onto why Practiced Brawler is, truly, the Best Anti-Mez Power In CoH: it’s not a toggle. It cannot, therefore, be shut off. Integration? Yeah, it’s badass, but it’s a toggle.


  1. Yeppers! 🙂
    Hype’s problem was that he went up against two SR’s who have Practice Brawler. And I did notice not having it when we went up against Noelle. I have become so use to just walking through any Mez/hold that it completely took me by surprise that I kept getting held by her.
    Though Zazi was stil untouchable when her defenses were up and running, and she only took damage when they dropped.
    So both Justice Hart and Zazi looked at your Taunt and laughed….or at least Zazi did. ;p
    Zazi: Taunt, How quaint. Where is syn so can 4 hack her again?
    Zazi: Now let’s make Hype think he has taunted me until Syn runs back into the room. Amusing, he has a very weak AoE damage…. La la la la, Oh there’s Syn again .
    Lather, rinse, repeat. 😀

  2. Ironically, HeroStats informs me that that ‘very weak AoE damage’ is my big hitter — in any given mission, it dishes out four times more damage than any other attack I have.
    Funniest thing? It’s not slotted for damage: 3 accuracy, 3 taunt. It’s how I control aggro in mobs.

  3. Reslly?!?
    That is Hype’s best damage?
    Wow?!? *feels very sorry for Hype*
    It wasn’t even hitting me all the time.
    Heck, I may even upgrade my slots before the next round from yellows to greens. ;P
    No, the only times that Hype was doing any damages was when Syn was able to get off a Flucrum Shift, and I was using Knockback (Soaring Dragon, Golden Dragonfly) to keep her off her feet so she couldn’t do that.
    With Hype/Syn the tactic for Insp’s is 7 End, 2 def, 6 heals.
    For Team Frostblade: it s either going to be all Breakfree’s or all defense’s so that the holds can’t land. I am going to have to ponder that.

  4. Did anyone get the final stats of the Hyper/Blackslash fight?
    I assume that I was able to gak Syn twice as many times as Hype was able to gak Dark Chylde.

  5. It’s a misleading stat: it’s the most damage I do in a mission, totalled, because I’m hitting 10 guys at a time, every 3 seconds. In aggregate: good damage. In effectiveness, not so much. It’s really just a good aggro management tool.
    So far, 1 on 1’s with hype tend to be a lot of both-sides-dipping-down-to-half, then back to full. 😛
    With one exception (bows low to the unseen).

  6. Fear is horrible. Keep in mind that I don’t even have it slotted for Recharge, or for Fear duration. The -acc is the real killer.
    You were damn sturdy though, I’d be happy to engage you in some PVP or work with you in some PVP zones anytime.
    *Bows back and such*

  7. Might’s not the appropriate word.
    Spectral Terror works *very* well. An Illusionist on the field can really tip the sides in favor of whatever team he or she may be on just because of that power.

  8. I hates the illusionists..hate, hate, hate…Unless of course it’s on -my- team. *grin*
    Although, I have to say…I’ve been impressed by Zepher-Storm’s ability to not be hit very often, the few times I have had her in a PvP situation.
    Pretty much as long as she has Hurricane running, she is stalker-proof, (unless they tp foe on her) And most Brutes only hit one out of four swings, if that.
    Now, if only she had enough damage output to hurt a wounded Chipmonk…

  9. Got the numbers (via Lela) from the Hyper v Blackslash fight.
    Blackslash 11
    Hyper 1
    So, you were able to gak Dark Chylde once. I guess it just seemed like more because DC was red or yellow so often.

  10. DC thrives in red and yellow. That’s -her- sandbox. And yeah, once I remembered she can port at that level and that it’s mouse bound(therefore not in my tray where I can see it), she never died again.
    Was a ton of fun. Oh, and Gavin is gonna be awesome in Siren’s. I have a lot of fun with Spectre there(tactics and IR means he sees most stalkers, plus I can almost always grab a pocket empath). Looking forward to taking Crease in too. My MA/SR on Champ is 23 now and I’m loving taking him in there.

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