PvP Coh Random thoughts

“If you bow at all, bow low.”
— Chinese Proverb
As noted here, in the comments, I messed around with some PvP stuff last night with Hype, both in PvP zones (I really like the PvE gameplay of Siren’s Call alot — I might actually rearrange Hype’s build — with the same slotting — so I have a few more options at level 30, but I digress) and in the Arena. Just had a few thoughts:
PvP fights are like a PvE fight that goes wrong: too much aggro on the wrong people, the bad guys are spread out too far, the damage is coming in too fast, and you can’t seem to track the key targets that will help you get control of the situation.
That’s the good and the bad, in a nutshell: it’s bad because it can be really frustrating and annoying and did I mention frustrating? It’s good, because if you actually manage to GET control of that wild situation and pull out a win (just like when things go badly in a PvE fight), you really feel GOOD about it.
These days, I pretty much know how to play my odds with most of my toons — there aren’t a lot of surprises on the PvE side of things, and while there’s a definite and long-lasting visceral enjoyment in mowing through ranks and ranks of baddies, my heart isn’t going to get all poundy-poundy, wondering if I’m going to make it — I KNOW I’m going to make it, or I KNOW I’m not going to make it, and I can see it coming. When I’m wrong, it’s usually over so quickly that I don’t have time to be surprised.
So… take an AV fight where you were just… sweaty palms, mashing the keys, emptying the inspiration tray, and muttering invective at the screen. Sometimes you’re dancing around afterward, fists in the air, and sometimes you’re swearing and clicking on the ‘Go To Hospital’ button and bitching about your nerfed powers.
That’s pretty much every PvP fight.
Other bits:
Hype is tough. I knew that for PvE. Now I know it for PvP. I don’t think I could actuallly get a kill on an anemic toddler without someone buffing me up, but he can take a hit. The biggest problem with that is just… getting the other team to FOCUS ON HIM. Taunt is total crap. That is all.
Fear powers in PvP are overpowered awesome. I look forward to Gavin in Siren’s call 🙂
I finally (this morning) grokked onto why Practiced Brawler is, truly, the Best Anti-Mez Power In CoH: it’s not a toggle. It cannot, therefore, be shut off. Integration? Yeah, it’s badass, but it’s a toggle.

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