Week in review.

Let’s see: since last CoH post…

Markov (level 21ish) ran into Catelyn (spelling? I think that’s right), the younger sister of his old buddy from Eastgate High School. She’s all grown up now and working as a Hero in Paragon.
What did he do?
He lied and let her think he was some kind of superspy working deep undercover in the Rogue Isles, that’s what.
He’s not entirely sure.

Hyperthermian (level 50) got a message to meet up with Synoptic in Pocket D… villains side. Hmm.
They talked. It wasn’t awful. There was some smack-talking that ended up in them going out to throw-down in the Arena for a bit (0-0 draw, I used one inspiration). After that, they decided to sign up for the big multi-Coalition beat-down — win or lose, they’ll be really ANNOYING to fight. 🙂

Epitaph is working on the Boomtown Saints, and crawling toward security level 33 while hunting down Rikti in Crey’s Folly.

Pummelcite (23, new) participated in a recent Knight’s Night and is tracking down pieces of the Wheel of Destruction when he’s on his own. (Very much liking this build.)

Bear Claws (level… 18? new!) is raising a fine crop of illegal flora in the Hostess Heroes base.

Gavin McIntyre is working with his ‘cousins’ on Victory-server, namely a Slayer by the name of Sophie, and her pack of scoobies. Lots of fun stuff there. Surprising and enjoyable everytime.

In generally, I’m having a lot of fun with the big group activities, and I’m looking forward to setting up similar things with the Boomtown Saints. The one on one stuff is fun, don’t get me wrong, I love it — but since my time online is somewhat (and purposefully) limited these days, it’s nice to maximize face time with lots of people when opportunity presents.