CoX review

No face to face gaming, due to people ‘having a life’. Pff. Whatever.
Here’s what’s up with CoX stuff:

I’ve wanted the Hurl Boulder power on a tank for several months BEFORE I got the game — it’s the closest thing we’ll probably ever see to a tank being able to pick up car and toss it.
Pumm got to level 30, where I’d decided he would be able to get that power…
And I didn’t get it. Got Build Up instead… figure it’ll pay off more in the long run.
Of note:
– 2 levels to Granite Armor.
– Ran the Hess TF.
– Pumm’s the highest prestige-earner in the Storm Knights.

Bear Claws (23)
Cannot wait for the i7 reanimations on the claw attacks. I’ve used them on test and they’re verah nice. In the ‘real’ game, I’m skipping one of my good attacks cuz it’s so. damn. slow.
– Bear is the highest prestige earner in the Hostess Heroes, which is sort of like having the best covenience store job among all your slacker friends.

Kethos (26)
Dinged 25 and 26 and almost to 27. Got that Dark Melee version of Fulcrum Shift (I know that’s not what it is, except it is)… it’s very cool. Thinking that his ding to 27 and the i7 respec will coincide closely enough that I’ll be able to respec, sell all his enhancements, and buy back into 30’s. Pondering a rebuild that gets him stamina sooner.
Really, I need to sit down with hero planner and seriously figure out a build for him. Don’t get me wrong — I can solo on this one fine, but the end problems I have in groups are… troublesome.
Tried the villain respec with Kethos. Interesting missions — friggin’ thing looks… very hard. PuG I was in did not finish it.
Ran with alot of Robotics MM’s this weekend… it’s impressive when they’re five or so on the team… and laggy as hell, but impressive.
Later, was on a team with three DM/* Brutes… you know what? A high concentration of ANY particular AT is pretty damned impressive.

Damosel Distress
How do you adjust your play with a Dom so you remember that you’re all blaster-squishy?
Get an assault set you really really associate with blasters.
Introducing DD: Grav/Energy Assault Dominator, combining the powers of my two first toons in the game (Zee Gee and Hang Time). Energy and Grav don’t interfere with one another, and both focus on single target attacks early on, which is, I think, how Dom’s can hold onto whatever slim margin of survivability they have.
So far, pretty fun and playable.

I’d like to run the first villain Strike Force with him, but I’d like it to go well, which means someone who can inviso-port. Hmm. It’s a puzzler.

All that said, likely I won’t be on til next week.


  1. Intresting Domi idea. Last night my g/f had her Plant/Fire exemp’d down to play with my lvl 23 Mercs MM and at one point received a stinging reminder that, as she put it, “oh yeah, I can’t tank at this level.”
    I rolled an Ice^2 Domi a while back… end-heavy as all get-out, but while the end lasts she’s quite effective. (She’s sort of the answer to my Ice^2 Blaster, who remains my first and favorite toon in on the Protector server.)

  2. Twink’s in the top 3-5 on prestige, I think, and he hit 24th Monday night, so neener. ūüėõ
    Also, Soon as I can get Tactician into a semi-competent team for it, I plan on doing the respec with him, and you might have that inviso-port you want.

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