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This forum was basically created to be a midway point between RPGNet and The Forge.
I love the friendly geeky discussion on RPGNet (“What game would be best for Firefly???”). But I don’t like the constant outages, the attitude, the bickering and the screaming.
I love the directed discussion of gaming theory-as-practice and actual play, gamebuilding of The Forge, but I also want my geek friendly gaming chatter, too.
So this is basically a discussion playground for role-playing games. Here’s some ground rules:
* If you really want game building advice, go to The Forge or RPGNet. Seriously, the Forge is the workshop for that shit, and I’m not going to try to recreated that community here.
* If you see something awesome at another forum or on someone’s blog, post it here in the Links category. People can feel free to jump over to that area to discuss the topic there. Or, if you want to meta-discuss it here (as in “Why it’s being discussed over there), that’s cool too.
* No one gets banned here unless they mess with the zen.
* Actual Play: “Cool gaming moments” are fine. You don’t have to build up a huge story to tell us the one or two awesome things that happened at gaming last night.
* “Praxis!” is the theory forum. But here’s the thing: It’s discussion specifically related to creating, marketing, publishing, selling etc games. I’ll eventually put my foot down if I see too much theory not tied to practice. There’s plenty of other awesome places to discuss “theory before it hits your game or the table”.
* Political, religious, sexual, or other topics that don’t involve a game go Elsewhere.
* Swearing, taunts and personal attacks are strictly awesome, as long as they are done in jest and don’t mess with the zen here. Keep the taunts, bickering and personal attacks to a minimum: Like “Zero”. Also, we’re buddies with other forums and playgrounds.

I just… I dig it. A lot. If the Forge is too… whatever… try this place out. Start with the thread “Which D&D race would you shag?” Hi-LAAAR-ious.

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  1. A good quote, on a thread about the current state of the “RPG Industry”:
    ‘the “RPG Industry” is roughly equivalent to the “Kind of Weird People at Ren Faire who Sew Period Clothing Industry” in terms of size and professionalism.’

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