I like…

Since I’ve got a one-shot game to GM tonight (the first I’ve GM’d with strangers in awhile), and I’m going to want to play around with some of my conflict methods, AND I’ve got a couple long-time players also coming in, I wanted to solidify the things I like in a game, using this The Two-list method of finding your Game preferences
Here’s the first list. Second list will happen in the comments, once tonight’s game is done:

* I like games (wither GMing or playing) where the players have some control over their own success (spending points from a pool to get the bonus that will push them over into a ‘win’, for instance).
* I like games where any player can kick-in details of the setting — especially when it’s supported by the rules, and not just house-practice.
* I have, in the past, thouroughly enjoyed games where the GM is constrained or there is no GM at all (Inspectres, Trollbabe).
* I friggin’ love games using stakes setting and conflict resolution versus task resolution.
* I like campaigns. Mini-campaigns of ~10 session, or even more. Sometimes a lot more.
* I like game setups that inextricably tie the characters into the setting. (Sorcerer kickers, TSoY keys, Heroquest… everything, etc)
* I like “starting-level characters”. As a player. As a GM, I still like them, but I also like proving that such characters can still be awesome.
* I like games that I can play with any of my friends, and I LOVE running new games for people and getting them hooked on something they might not have tried otherwise.
* I hate ADRPG-style drama mechanics. I like crunch. I like mechanics, and I like using the hell out of them to my benefit.

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