1. You *do* realize that the only person who’s ever mentioned ‘culty Mormon stuff’ in relation to this game, to you, is Randy?
    Who hasn’t read the rules either?
    I’m just saying.

  2. No, I read the PDF of the game rules and the background/discussion at the DitV forum I found, so do not presume that I have not.
    I just have sensitivity to “culty mormon stuff” at a very high level having had to deal with it all through high-school in doomfield.

  3. See, I can (upon suggestion) see the “culty Mormon stuff” in the original BG, but the show was just way too goofy for me to take it very seriously. Either that, or I’ve got a high ability to shrug off culty stuff (having been raised Catholic).
    And that said, looking at the Flash animation, there’s nearly zero culty Mormon stuff — except insofar as there are Holy-Book-toting folks and six-shooters. And since the most prominent religious movement, per se, in the Old West, was the Mormons, that’s a definite contextual connection. (Unless you count little padres in white-washed Mexican churches, but those don’t count ’cause they’re a bunch o’ pacifist Spics, dagnabbit.)

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