Wouldn’t it be Nice

Okay, I haven’t done a lot (read: any) gaming of pretty much any kind in the last few weeks, due to a couple important writing deadlines, so instead I’ll tell you what I’m pining for.
WoW. Since starting up the Blood and Thunder guild on Farstriders server with Grezzk as a way to group up all the characters being run by myself and the NYC guys, I haven’t been able to do very much play, due to the deadlines I already mentioned. This means this has been the first week where Grezzk hasn’t dinged at least two levels since I started playing. Ditto Kayti the paladin, who got a cool new axe that’s gathering dust.
Mountain Witch. All posting for that game is on hold until I’m done, so it’s languished a bit — I’d like to wrap that game up with one or two ‘normal’ gaming sessions, using a text chat tool. I think that would let us wrap things up nicely.
Shadow of Yesterday: Petrana — I see a lot of good stuff for that game, potentially. Scheduling problems keep pushing our second ‘real’ sessions further and further out, however.
Mortal Coil — my brain keeps coming back to running a Mortal Coil game — something about the dynamics of that diceless system… it just calls to me.
Primetime Adventures — this just seems like something where, once we play it, we’ll slap our foreheads and say “why did we wait so LONG?”
And for come nice old-school tactical battle crunch… I want to play some AGON.
So… there. Wistful longing for now… and gaming later! (I hope.)


  1. It all sounds good to me, and if I were such a slug (or being pulled off in so man other directions), I’d be lending a hand with some of that stuff — PTA in particular …

  2. That guild looks very nice indeed.
    I may have to roll something on that server to apply and hoprefully play with you folks.

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