Tiny gaming update

Not a lot of gaming in the last week. Here’s what’s been going on.
Grezzk Level 70 orcish hunter. Farstriders server. Blood and Thunder Guild
Ding 70! Simul-ding with Lee’s warlock Blynd. Last week I mentioned some things I was going to do once I hit 70.
* Run all the Outlands instances. ((Not started yet.))
* Go to Mulgore and run all the newbie starting-zone missions for the Tauren to finally get my rep with them up to Exalted, so I can get a war kodo. ((Done! Got exalted on the second to last available mission. Did NOT, however, get the war kodo yet, as I’m saving up for my flying mount.))
* Get my flying mount. ((Not yet. Give me a few days.))
* I’m going to get a dragon (fine: netherdrake. whatever) for a flying mount, once I have the ‘regular one’. ((Not yet.))
* I’m going to figure out where the quest line is that lets me walk up to Garrosh Hellscream, kick him in the nuts, and say “man UP, for chrissake — you’re an embarrassment — you give ‘mamas boy’ a bad name.” ((Found the quest. Still need to finish it.))
* Leveling up Alchemy, having finally dropped Skinning. Just no money in it. ((Started that. Potions, Ho!))
* Get a firefly pet.
* Get Cooking high enough to make the uber pet-buffing snacks. ((Done!))
Kayti Dwarf Paladin (Kirin Tor server)
Level : 40 (Ding!)
I have a pony (or in this case a paladin’s warhorse)! I also have plate mail! Herbalism and Alchemy level caps both raised to 300! Two horrible horrible PUGs, but lots of good duos.
It was a good week to be a paladin :).


  1. Not sure if you already have your heart set on a Great White, Great Gray, or Great Brown sold from the TB vendor or if you want the Black War Kodo. Thought I would point out that the Black War Kodo does not require Exalted reputation with TB to purchase it, unlike the TB vendor mounts. In case you are not already aware of it the Black War Kodo is sold by Raider Bork in the Hall of Legends, which is located just across the bridge from the Windrider master in Orgrimmar. Instead of reputation or gold, to purchase this mount you will need 30 PvP marks each from Arathi Basin, Warsong Gulch, and Alterac Valley. Sounds like quite a bit but it goes by rather quickly; at the same time you can earn some honor with which you could in turn purchase PvP rewards such as armor or weapons.

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