1. You are plsying Bioshock?! I loved the storyy and setting of that game soooo cool.

  2. Ha! I’ve been reading the RSS feed for awhile. But since you’re going to ping me I’ll comment.

    Traveler (original)
    Chocobo Dungeon (Wii)
    Fable (PC)
    Spore (PC)

    How is world of goo?

  3. I do like Bioshock quite a bit. Love the feel.

    Word of Goo is the thing to play when you’re in the mood for some physics and engineering and a chuckle or two. It’s a puzzler, not a platformer — sort of like building with Tinkertoys… if the pieces squawked at you when you put them together.

    “Lemmings” meets Tinkertoys. Yeah. It deserves the recognition it got, though it may not be for everyone. Also, it’s pretty cheap. 🙂

  4. Still agonizing over 4E, which I will write lots more about after I go through my own gaming page site redesign. (I’m still happy enough with Movable Type that I don’t see going the WordPress route, but I am slow in adopting new conventions, after all.) Other than that, it’s all slow because I still am in limbo, housewise. I keep telling myself, “As soon as we get a house, we’ll start getting a group together again…” because it sucks having to drag kids over to other peoples’ places, when and where and if they’re welcome.

    That house thing also means our consoles are all packed, so none of that is happening. The last game I played on the computer was Might & Magic, um, IX. (But that’s disingenuous – I’ve played far more recent games, just that we don’t tend to buy new, and I know MMORPGs would be hazardous to my health.)

  5. -Weekly D&D 4E game (I get to GM again starting the 7th, woot!)
    -City of Heroes (48 months and counting, booyah!)
    -Like I can even get near the Wii, pshaw. The boys have it staked out. But they’re playing Pikman (gamecube game on the Wii) and my older boy just got Pokemon Platinum for his DS.
    -D&D Tiny adventures on, ahem, Facebook. *shame*
    -Had to drop out of a PBP Amber campaign, life interfered.

  6. – I’m running 3.5 at the moment, and we’re enjoying it, though mid-level prep is draining.
    – Currently playing SW Saga and loving it
    – Scheduled to run a few sessions of Spirit of the Century
    – Then we’ll play some 4e
    – AT-43 is a miniature wargame that I love and play as often as possible
    – Jennifer and I are playing Mutant Chronicles and enjoying it

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