Life in a Wormhole: Orca Migration #eveonline

Our luck with known space connections has been uniformly bad for the last few days, making it difficult for Berke to get his new ship home in one piece. All our recent wormhole connections have been to Class 2’s with pretty useless connections, and while that’s given us a good chance to get some gas harvesting and Sleeper shooting done, that’s not really the goal at the forefront of our minds. Finally, though, we get something that might work, and it’s only about twelve jumps away from Berke’s location and about as many for Ichiban, who is also bringing in an Orca from another direction.

We get properly coordinated on this effort to make sure that all our ships get home in one piece. Ty puts together a package of bookmarks and drops them off for both Berke and Ichi in the nearest knownspace station, then gets back to the tower where Bre is waiting in a Blackbird ECM cruiser, and gets into one himself. Em rounds out what should be an overwhelming force in the realm of attacker frustration by bringing her Falcon force recon cruiser to the escort party, and Si waits in the wings in her Curse cruiser. Between the four of use, we may not be able to actually kill anyone, but we certainly should be able to keep a (not so) small fleet of attackers effectively neutered until the lumbering Industrial Command ships can get away, which is rather the point.

And this time, everything goes exactly to plan, with both the Orca into the neighboring wormhole, off to our home connection, and safely tucked in at our respective towers with no kind of problems whatsoever. Now is the time at Sprockets when we dance, right?

Well, no. Now is the time we log off, since that whole process took up most of the evening. Still, it’s good to get everyone back home. Time to sleep.