Life in a Wormhole: Preparing for Change #eveonline

There’s a lot of interesting stuff happening in EvE, and in anticipation of some of the changes, most of he wormhole pilots have set out into known space to pick up supplies or to station themselves in systems where new blueprints will be made available the following day.

I, an industrialist in name only, focus on moving tower fuel back to the home system, while Gor brings back in new tower modules he plans to make use of. While Gor and CB and Bre all enjoy some production fun, we haven’t really done any of that while in Anoikis, simply because it wasn’t terribly feasible without dealing with serious loss of materials in the refining process. The new Rorqual is making that concern a thing of the past, however, and aside from the new fuel blocks that we can now manufacture in our tower, Gor’s keen to research some blueprints and crank out a few of the shiny new battlecruisers being released. Since I want one (if not two) of those same battlecruisers, I’m not likely to complain.

I swear, as we log off for the night, it feels like the night before Christmas. Visions of Hurricanes dance in our heads.

What will Space Santa bring?


  1. Thanks to your pervious post on jump clones i opted for the implant set. thanks!

  2. I think I’m going for the neural remap, myself — the only thing I can’t just go and buy.

    I’ve been erring on the side of uniform stats, but as I get into the longer training times, I think maybe I’ll try remapping to more optimized builds for certain skills and really train the hell out of them, then remap again when I get my annual one in March.

  3. I thought about the neural remap, but I usually keep my attributes even across the board because of how varied and redundantly I train my characters.

    Go ahead and laugh, but I actually got the Aurum. I certainly wouldn’t be buying that any other way. (I also got the POS fuel BPOs and fuel blocks, which should both come in handy or sell well.)

  4. I will get the aurum if they are willing to transfer it. :/ I petitioned to ask but i’m waiting for an answer.

    I want the monocle! Will make my asshat rating go through the roof!

  5. Hah, then i just need a tophat and a glass of wine. Get on it ccp!

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