Life in a Wormhole: Holiday Spirit #eveonline

This is one of those times when it’s quite obvious I time-delay my posts.

It’s coming up on the holiday break in the home system and we’re all trying to get things taken care of before everyone’s afk and deep in the heart of No Internet Land (granted, that’s mostly just me).

Ty’s on the way home following the RvB ganked shenanigans, and Bre’s working on scanning down a good route for running ships out for necessary tower fuel. Her luck at finding an exit is poor, but on the other hand, she reports finding an abandoned system that might be a new dream home for an aspiring wormhole corp — the sort of system someone might pay quite well for. Since she sort of needs to stay in that system if she wants to sell it, she’s out of the fuel-route-finding project, which leaves it up to the rest of us.

Finding a decent route out takes the better part of a day, but eventually we nail down something useful and start stocking up in anticipation of both the holidays and the impact that certain other newly-released sci-fi MMOs will have on the play time of a few of our pilots.

I hear there's a new MMO coming around Christmas. Shh. Dont' ruin the surprise.

Gor does the lion’s share of the hauling on this one, and also brings in a new small minmatar control tower that Berke requested. Our orca pilot has some kind of crazy plan to carry around the tower in his ship’s roomy hold and use it when we hit systems so flush with resources that it will take a considerable amount of time to reap the benefits. The idea is to fly in and set up the bare bones tower as a kind of armored bivouac tent, running the orca as a supply, reshipping, and refitting hub inside the tower’s shields, staying more than a day if necessary, and then packing back up when it’s over and making the trip home through known space. It’s a little complex (at least until the new fuel cubes go into use), and probably won’t come up much, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

Whether it’s profitable-interesting or expensive-explosion-interesting remains to be seen.

Once he’s back in the home system, Gor also surprises Ty and CB with early Christmas gifts in the form of a pair of the shiny new Talos battlecruisers he’s been working on. Dawww. Who says eve players are heartless?

Is that all the holiday magic? Not quite. After over a day of wrangling with a buyer (and a reluctant broker convinced Bre couldn’t get her asking price and then getting grumpy when it turned out she could), Bre manages to close a multi-hundred million isk deal for the class two wormhole she found. After a hefty seller’s fee for her solo effort, the rest of the money is donated back to the home system to help pay off the customs offices and the rorqual project (which has languished thanks to a serious absence of any actual mining opportunities).

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  1. Cant wait to find a plump system that we can test out the Porca on (Trademarked :P)

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